Why do women freeze easier?

The question of why women are colds more often and faster than men is easy to answer: the body composition is responsible for this. On a purely statistical basis, the body of the man is on average 40 percent muscle and only 15 percent fat.

Gender specific cold sensation

In women, the metabolically active body mass, so the muscles, is much less pronounced; On average, the female body consists of 25 percent muscle and just under 25 percent fat. Although fat can isolate heat, it can not produce heat. This is the muscle work responsible.

In the past, this little "injustice" of nature was almost compensated for by the equation "less heat generation but better insulation".

Less fat

In our time, however, there is a slim ideal of beauty, the women fight against every pound of their fat, and therefore they often have neither enough heat nor enough heat insulation.

Women have a different feeling of coldness

Another reason for the woman's greater sense of coldness is her relatively thin skin compared to the man's. The male epidermis is 15 percent stronger than the female epidermis.

When there is a risk of heat loss, the vessels narrow and the blood circulation of the skin is reduced, which works more easily on thin skin than on thicker skin. The skin surface of a woman is then up to three degrees colder than that of a man, which causes the temperature difference between the skin and the inside of the body is greater than the man. Accordingly, the woman has an increased sense of coldness.

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