Why do we blush at embarrassment?

Flushing with embarrassment, shame, anger or joy is a natural reaction of our body. Responsible for this is the autonomic nervous system. It controls all processes that are not subject to our will and which we therefore can not consciously control. These include primarily the so-called vital functions such as breathing, circulation, metabolism, water balance.

Sympathetic and parasympathetic

Two nerve cords play an important role. On the one hand the driving sympathetic, on the other hand the calming parasympathetic nervous system. Both nerve cords usually balance each other out.

The parasympathetic nervous system is primarily responsible for the fact that our body can regenerate itself. For example, it controls sleep or digestion and excretion.

If we are in a stress situation, the sympathetic is active. He puts us on alert, prepares us for flight or attack. The heart beats faster, the blood pressure rises, adrenaline is released. The blood not only shoots more in the muscles, but also in our brains and thus in the head. The result is: we blush.

Prevent blushing in the face

Blushing is a normal reaction of the body and that's how you should deal with it - normal and without panic. Since you can not hide his red head but also, you should allow him confidently. The other people do not know why they blush. It could simply be excitement or anticipation.

Anyone who can confidently accept his blushing may be better off taking mocking comments.

One last tip: just do a relaxation exercise. Place your flat hand on the abdominal wall about 2 cm below the cuff and inhale deeply through the nose. Pay attention to your hand, which raises and lowers significantly. Repeat the exercise several times a day to avoid blushing.

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