Why cats are not allowed to eat dog food and vice versa?

If dogs and cats nibble each other's wells, that's not harmful. The animals become seriously ill only when a cat would be fed permanently by dog ​​food and vice versa. The reason: Cats need a very protein-rich food with enough taurine, because they can not produce this amino acid, in contrast to dogs. On the other hand, dogs do not tolerate so much protein and need more carbohydrate food, which means less taurine in the diet. Protein is found mainly in meat, fish and dairy products. By contrast, vegetables are predominantly high in carbohydrates. Therefore, dog food should contain more vegetables, while for the cat fish is a special and healthy treat.

Different needs

Dog food contains too much carbohydrates and too little meat for a cat. In the long term she gets bad eyes and a dull coat. Conversely, there are too many proteins and too few carbohydrates for dogs in the cat food, and thus the dog is simply undersupplied with important nutrients. The consequences: diarrhea and flatulence. In addition: Cat food is far too energetic for dogs and therefore makes you fat. It is best to separate the animals while eating, then they can no longer exchange.

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