Warning signals of the body

The human body clearly shows how it is in terms of health, well-being and happiness. Therefore, it is even more important to listen to the inner voice of the body and to take warning signals seriously. Typical warning signs of the body are presented here.

First signs that something is wrong

Many people have already become acquainted with those small, at first unspectacular signals of the body, which want to warn us: There are, for example, the persistent stomach pain, which occur every morning since the promotion to the head of department, or the frequent headache attacks, which noticeably affect the concentration and the well-being, Even some skin rash, permanent cough or back pain wants to show that something is wrong.

Disturbed balance

Fortunately, when visiting a doctor, it often turns out that no serious illness hides behind the symptoms of headache, sleep disorders, stomach pinching, or constant colds. Rather, these complaints are often an expression that the body, mind and soul are not in balance. In other words, that prolonged stress, emotional stress, constant overworking or lack of relaxation phases overshadow well-being.

It is now known that there is a connection between stress and health. While most people cope well with a certain amount of hectic and everyday chaos, persistent or severe mental stress can literally make you sick. In the process, the long-term dispute with the neighbors can be as damaging to health as the separation from one's partner or even the feeling that one can no longer cope with the demands of everyday life.

Stressed and permanent

Too much physical or mental stress can be shown to weaken the immune system and then cause frequent respiratory tract infections. While adults are usually plagued by a cold about twice a year, many stressed-out contemporaries in winter feel they are not getting fit.

When a cold chases the next, it's time for a doctor's visit and certainly for taking the signals of the body - finally - seriously. Many sufferers can not avoid changing a few habits, so that the body's defense works smoothly again.

The skin as a mirror of the soul

It is also quite possible that the skin draws attention to stress or grief. Speeches such as "I get under your skin" or "I could get out of the skin" indicate how much the skin and the soul are connected. Not infrequently, psychological stress is the cause of blemishes.

There are also connections between some skin diseases and mental balance. A typical example is eczema, which can be exacerbated by emotional stress. Eczema and itching can increase as the soul suffers.

Conversely, however, pronounced visible and painful skin diseases can severely affect the psyche. For this reason, many skin diseases are now treated holistically. Corresponding treatment concepts assume, among other things, that not only the diseased skin needs medication, but also the cracked-down soul needs help.

Fortunately, the skin reflects not only emotional stress, but also joy of life and inner contentment. When a person "shines with happiness" or feels "completely comfortable in his skin", everything indicates that his world is in order.

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