Advantages and disadvantages of a breast pump

Most newlywed mothers breastfeed their baby for about half a year, because breastmilk is the perfect diet for the infant in the first six months. But what to do if the mother starts to work again during breastfeeding or just a few Would like to have hours for yourself? So that the baby can be supplied with breast milk during this time, a breast milk supply can be created with the aid of a breast pump.

Lend breast pumps in the pharmacy

In general, a differentiation is made in breast pumps between electrical devices and hand pumps. Hand pumps are only suitable for pumping out excess milk. Whole meals can be gained significantly easier and faster with an electric breast pump. This is operated either by batteries or mains power. For most breast pumps, the container used to collect the milk can conveniently be closed with a nipple and used directly as a vial.

If you want to use a breast pump, you do not necessarily have to buy them, but you can also borrow the milk pump in a pharmacy. Many pharmacies now offer this service. Have your breast pump explained exactly in the pharmacy or alternatively by your midwife before first use. In addition, you should carefully boil the milk pump before the first use to kill possibly existing germs.

This is how the breast pump works

When using the breastpump, it is particularly important to properly apply the pump, otherwise the vacuum created by the pump may cause tears in the nipple. If the breastpump is properly attached, it will suck in about the same rhythm as a baby. With many electric pumps, the suction power of the breastpump can be adjusted individually.

At the beginning, it is quite normal that only a few milliliters of breastmilk can be pumped out. However, this amount can usually be increased quickly. In total, milk should not be pumped out for more than 20 minutes, as otherwise the breast will be overburdened and milk production will be over-stimulated. With electric breastpumps, the pump should be turned off at a moment when the pump is not sucking. Otherwise, removal from the breast can be extremely painful.

After use, the breastpump must be carefully cleaned. The individual parts of the pump can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. If rinsing by hand, the individual parts should not be dried with a dish towel, otherwise it can lead to contamination. It is even safer not to rinse the individual parts of the milk pump, but to sterilize. This can be done either by boiling, by a vaporiser or a microwave sterilizer.

Tips for pumping

For many mothers, dealing with the breast pump at the beginning is not easy. These tips make milk pumping easier:

  • Bend your upper body slightly when pumping forward.
  • Change the sides frequently when pumping milk. If it helps you, you can breastfeed your child while pumping on the other breast at the same time.
  • Warm your breast gently before using the breastpump
  • Massage your breast slowly while pumping and in a circular motion

Advantages of a breast pump

Nursing mothers can create a supply of breast milk by using a breast pump. So you can do something on your own without the baby having to do without the breast milk. In addition, the use of a breast pump offers mothers even more benefits:

  • By pumping the milk, the chest is relieved. Especially at the beginning of lactation, when a lot of milk is produced, a milk pump can be prevented by a milk pump.
  • By pumping out the milk, not only can a milk congestion be prevented, but also milk production can be stimulated. This is especially helpful if the mother does not produce enough milk.
  • The pumped breastmilk can be administered to the baby in a vial. So not only the mother, but also the father can feed the baby.

Disadvantages of pumped breast milk

The great advantage of breastfeeding is that there are usually no major complications: Breast milk is fresh, well tempered and the breast must - in contrast to vial and breast pump - not be sterilized. The use of a breast pump is associated with breastfeeding with more effort. In addition, if breast milk is frozen, important components of the milk are lost.

Anyone who breastfeeds his baby, but also feeds it occasionally with pumped breast milk from the vial, should note that this can lead to a Sauggefirrung the baby. This is triggered by a different suction movement of the child on the bottle and on the chest. To avoid suction confusion, pumped breast milk should preferably be delivered to the baby through a cup, spoon or pipette.

As a general rule, natural breastfeeding should be preferred to pumped breast milk. However, if it is not always possible to breastfeed the baby, it is also possible to use pumped breast milk with a clear conscience. However, there are some things to keep in mind when storing breast milk.

Storage and freezing of breast milk

As a general rule, breastmilk can be kept in the refrigerator for about three days, and in the freezer for up to half a year. If the breast milk can not be cooled, it should be fed at least eight hours after pumping - much faster at summer temperatures. If the milk is stored in the refrigerator, it should not be kept in the door as the temperature is higher there.
Before freezing breast milk, the date, time and, if necessary, the name of the child should be noted on the container. Above all, the name should be noted if the child is cared for together with other children, for example, a childminder.

In the freezer, breast milk should best be stored in special breast milk containers. It should always be noted that the milk slightly expands during freezing - therefore, the container should be filled at most about 80 percent. If you want to use the frozen breast milk, you should thaw it in the refrigerator or at room temperature - but never in the microwave.

After thawing, you can feed the milk for 24 hours, after which the milk must be disposed of. A new freezing is not possible. Before the baby gets the milk, it should be heated gently in a hot water bath. Be sure to test the temperature of the milk after heating to avoid burns.

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