Check-ups for women

Foresight can save lives. There are experts agree. Nevertheless, many people do not know which examinations they are legally entitled to and which self-paid check-up is recommended. Especially for women exist from the age of 20 years, a series of preventive care, for example, some cancers such as colon cancer or skin cancer can be detected in time. But even for pregnant women, there are different options in a pregnancy to be examined for the purpose of screening.

Provision from the age of 20

From the age of 20: Women up to 25 years can be examined once a year for a Chlamydia infection. Chlamydia infection is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that often shows no symptoms but can lead to infertility. Also from the age of 20, a genital examination for the early detection of cervical cancer can be performed as a check-up.

In addition to the external examination of the genital area, the focus of this preventive examination is the diagnosis of the cervix. By palpating the organs and a smear from the cervix as well as from the cervical canal malignant changes in the pre-stage are to be discovered.

With timely therapy, an almost 100% cure rate is achieved. From the age of 30, during a check-up, the breast and armpits are scanned in addition and a doctor's instructions for self-examination are given.

Check-ups from the age of 35

From the age of 35, a general medical check-up takes place every two years - the so-called "health check-up". This includes control of cholesterol and sugar levels as well as blood pressure. The heart, lungs and kidneys are also checked to prevent possible cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in good time. In addition, these studies also serve cancer screening.

In addition to the thorough body check, the doctor also inquires about illnesses within the family and clarifies whether the patient smokes and whether he / she is moving sufficiently. Also, from the age of 35, an annual check-up should be made to the dermatologist for the early detection of skin cancer. In particular, liver spots and birthmarks are examined thoroughly.

Check-up from the age of 50

Women over the age of 50 can undergo mammography screening every two years until the age of 70. This preventive examination serves the early detection of breast cancer and, in addition to a consultation, includes x-raying of both breasts and subsequent double examination of the x-rays by two independent examiners.

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