Caution Freizeititis!

Again and again, sick at leisure - not to believe. However, the fact is that there is actually a recreational illness and sufferers visibly suffer. For stressed and professionally overburdened people is the holiday for relaxing and for physical and mental regeneration important. However, there are people who get sick just when the workload eases and holidays begin. This phenomenon is also referred to as "leisure sickness" or recreational disease. However, this disease is not new, and above all: You can do something about it!

The illness comes with the holiday

Leisure sickness affects about three percent of the population. They suffer from flu-like infections, colds, fatigue or pain. In most cases, the time of the illness falls exactly at the beginning of the first week of vacation. Instead of enjoying the recovery time, many people complain about headache, depression, energy loss or colds. Why is that?

Why stress it when the stress subsides

Astonishingly, people who often get sick in their spare time are not the ones who are particularly unhealthy or have particularly hard jobs. Contrary to first thought, it does not matter, according to a study, whether the recreational patients consume a lot of coffee, alcohol or cigarettes. Most of the people affected are mentally disabled in their free time, as people who enjoy their free time. This means that leisure-time sick people can always stay at work with one leg and therefore be less able or less able to work off stress. As a result, they can not sufficiently reduce their tensions in the leisure hours. However, when people live in constant tension - possibly even for years - the body gets used to this condition over time. And now, conversely, every resting phase becomes stressful. If it then goes on vacation, it comes to the fact that a journey - possibly with children and on crowded itineraries - still brings further efforts. The additional stress with the journey is then too much for the immune system. Man becomes ill.

What to do against recreationalitis?

The "Leisure Sickness" mainly affects people who

  • can not say no
  • feel responsible for everything and
  • make very high demands on themselves.

A good recommendation to tackle these recreational diseases is therefore to rethink, so to speak, to gain a new perspective on his life. The work should be important, but not more important than leisure, family and recreation. In addition, one should actively shape the transition from work to leisure, for example with sports.

strengthen your immune system

An important point in this context is the strengthening of the immune system. These include primarily a lot of exercise in the fresh air and a healthy, vitamin-rich diet. With an intact immune system, the body can better adapt to the different stress situations and pathogens can be better warded off. So you can then give the right answer when the time calls again.

Tips against the leisure sickness

  • Stress management possibly plus relaxation methods
  • Very important: build your own leisure culture
  • Think fresh! The personal handling of everyday life is important for a healthy life balance - recovery is more important than work stress
  • Path of small steps: Do not immediately build up new stress
  • Holiday travel: Arrive relaxed (breaks!)
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