Prevention: strict hygiene

Prevention: strict hygiene

However, not every vomiting diarrhea is caused by noriviruses. An accurate diagnosis can only provide a laboratory test. There is no vaccine against norovirus. At the first indication of norovirus infections, measures should be taken to prevent further infections without waiting for microbiological results, the RKI recommends. Since the viruses are excreted through vomit and stool only helps hygiene.

Hygienic measures for norovirus

According to the RKI patients should be isolated - if possible use a toilet alone. Roommates, nurses, visitors and sufferers themselves have to wash their hands with a virus-effective antiseptic, ie an alcoholic or chlorine-containing disinfectant. When taking care of the patients you should wear disposable gloves and protective gowns. All surfaces including door handles with which patients come into contact should be cleaned daily with a disinfectant.

Vomit and dirt must be washed as soon as possible. Also, you should transport bedding and underwear and towels in a closed bag and wash at over 60 degrees Celsius. Under no circumstances may roommates share the towels of the patients. Used disposable gloves may only be disposed of with the trash and additionally packed in a plastic bag.

Infections with noroviruses are notifiable

Norovirus infections are notifiable under the Infection Protection Act. Diseased persons may not engage in activities in the food industry. Sick children under the age of six are not allowed in kindergarten or school. Already in case of suspected norovirus disease, the employer or the management of facilities such as kindergartens must be reported. And how did the holidaymakers on the Queen Elizabeth II?

The first reaction to the norovirus outbreak called the cleaning crews on the scene. They disinfected the entire ship, even the chips in the casinos are wiped several times a day. Self-service at the buffet was temporarily suspended.

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