From early starters and late risers - resilient for everyday school life

Resilient for everyday school life

Physical development also plays a role in school readiness. The important thing is not how big the boys and girls have grown, but rather that they are already resilient enough for everyday school life. They should also be able to paint and cut with scissors, catch and throw a ball, and hop on a leg. And of course there are also intellectual requirements for little school starters. Inga Margraf: "You should be able to grasp tasks without being able to 'grasp' them with your hands, recognize letters and the number of eyes on a cube and retell small stories."

What parents can do:

Parents who are insecure can do a school aptitude test with their child. Information can be obtained from education counselors, the school secretary or the school psychologist. "Or contact the kindergarten teachers, " Inga Margraf advises doubting parents. "They know the little ones well and can assess whether they have already grown to the school day."

But do not worry: being a schoolboy does not mean that a child can do everything that is required at school. The child becomes a schoolchild at school. And: parents should also consider the wishes of their offspring. "Six-year-olds often know exactly what they want, " said the psychologist. "And whether a child necessarily wants to go to school, or rather goes to kindergarten, should definitely play a role in the decision."

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