From breast to porridge: the relaxed transition

Breastmilk - a work of art that gives the baby everything it needs, at least for the first six months. It is not until the seventh month, when the iron stores are used up, that it is time to introduce the so-called B (r) eikost. Not all babies are enthusiastic from the beginning.

No little master has fallen from the sky yet

So far, her baby knows only the liquid and above all slightly sweet mother's milk. To all other tastes, consistencies and also the meal with a spoon it has to get used to little by little. In addition, it will now replace the sucking reflex with the swallow-chewing motion. So, when the baby first puckers his mouth and squeezes out the porridge, it does not necessarily mean he does not like it. First of all, it's all very unfamiliar.


  • Feed in peace and without time pressure!
  • Give the first meal when the child is already half full of breast milk. Then it is more relaxed and open to new things.
  • Under certain circumstances, however, also works the exactly opposite strategy. Some babies are more likely to eat something new when hungry.
  • Feed the baby with a soft, narrow and flat plastic spoon. Silver spoons are too cold and too hard for him.
  • Start with pure carrots or pumpkin. Both are soft and sweet and therefore similar to breast milk. Maybe mix some breastmilk.
  • The finer the mash is pureed, the better. Maybe he can still be liquefied with some fruit juice.
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