Volleyball - classic in popular sports

It is always said that you have to be tall to play volleyball successfully. This widespread opinion, however, is a misconception. Although there are advantages in attacking and blocking, not to be too small, but also people under 1.80 meters can become excellent volleyball players. Volleyball is a team sport. His story is young. Only at the end of the 19th century was volleyball developed as an alternative to popular basketball in the USA.

Rules and tactics

In this sport, two teams of six people each play against each other. The rules are pretty simple. The playing field is separated by a 2.43 meters (men) or 2.24 meters (ladies) high net. Within the own playing field it is the goal according to the rules to accept the ball from the opposing team. The adopted ball is then played to the lead player and then volley smashed into the opposing field with an attack strike, so that the other team can not accept him. If this succeeds, there is a point and the next serve for the attacking team. If a team has retaken the serve in volleyball, this team rotates on their positions. Theoretically, in volleyball, every player has to be able to play any position.

In amateur and professional teams, however, position change takes place immediately after the serve, when the ball is in the opponent's half. Backers are back on the net after this change and attackers in attack. This tactic has the advantage that each player can specialize in one position. For example, larger players usually hold the attack positions, while smaller, but perhaps technically cleaner players play them the ball to attack. This approach not only makes volleyball a sport where you have to be fast and fit, but where strategic considerations are needed. The movements in the opposing field and, for example, their substitutions must always be considered.

Volleyball: Fitness is in demand

Volleyball is popular not only with players but also with spectators, because the movements look very elegant depending on the level of play and come along with a certain ease. However, what looks so easy is often the result of years of training and perfect technique that is important in volleyball. When playing volleyball at a professional level, many muscles of the human body are stressed. Depending on body weight and gender, the calorie consumption is between 200 and 300 calories per hour. Compared to other sports this is relatively little. Add the required sprint and strength training, you get about twice the calorie count. Especially strength training in the arm and shoulder area is of great importance for sports volleyball, as fast flying balls have to be braked and repulsed. The jumping muscles should not be neglected. Decide so many jump on the net about possibly decisive points in a game of volleyball. Volleyball is also about speed. Quick start and sprint exercises are therefore recommended. Not to neglect, although not as important as in other sports with higher Laufanteil, is the endurance training. However, it is sufficient to jog for 15 minutes before playing or exercising, so that the body can warm up.

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