Vitamin C for solid connective tissue

The bathing season has begun and many are still struggling with winter bacon. But just as important for a handsome bikini figure is a solid connective tissue. Vitamin C makes an important contribution to this. Starving alone is not the way to be fit for the beach. The tumbling flab must also be well padded so that the skin does not feel flabby over the muscles. Therefore, a diet should also be accompanied by sports. On the one hand this increases the basal metabolism and thus the calorie consumption of the body, on the other hand the muscles are strengthened and thus form a better support for the skin.

Vitamin C - for a solid body scaffold

Just as important as diet and exercise is the support of connective and supportive tissues, which form, so to speak, the "body framework". Vitamin C makes an important contribution to the strength of this scaffold. The reason: Vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen. Collagen, on the other hand, occurs everywhere in the body, for example in

  • muscles
  • skin
  • bone
  • joints
  • connective tissue

Since the human body can not produce vitamin C itself, it must be supplied in sufficient quantities to support connective and supporting tissue optimally.

However, if you take food supplements, you should follow the recommendation of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). This advises a maximum vitamin C intake of dietary supplements of 250 milligrams daily.

Unloaded to the bikini figure

Everyone knows that there is a lot of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables. But everyone should also know that traditional fruits and vegetables are often heavily polluted. Organic products often perform better in this regard, but unfortunately they are not cheap either.

Certified vitamin C supplements from the pharmacy are also suitable for a pollution-free vitamin C supply. Particularly effective are preparations in sustained-release form, which distribute the body the necessary amount of vitamin C throughout the day. A sufficient amount of vitamin C ensures not only beach stability but also beach resistance when the bathing season starts.

Vitamin C - for more fitness

  • Strengthens the defense system
  • Transports energy into the cells
  • Makes blood vessels elastic
  • Improves iron absorption
  • Helps detoxify
  • Regulates stress hormones
  • Protects the cells
  • Strengthens the connective tissue

Vitamin C - for a firm tissue

  • Regular sports
  • Low-fat diet
  • Vitamin C preparations in sustained-release form
  • Drink enough water (1 to 2 liters)
  • Not too much bright sun
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