Does alcohol cause hot flashes?

Slowly it gets colder outside, winter and Christmas are around the corner. A stroll through the Christmas market or winter sports are popular at this time of the year. Actually, an impertinence to be outdoors at these temperatures, right?
Many people get rid of the lousy cold with a mulled wine. But is it possible that the warming you feel after drinking alcoholic beverages is a mistake?

Subjective feeling

When drinking alcohol, the blood vessels dilate. This leads to a "warming effect", which is merely a subjective perception. The fact is that even heat is removed from the body. The blood flows by dilating the blood vessels towards the skin surface. As a result, heat is lost to the body.

Caution is advised

So if you want to treat yourself in the cold season a "glass" in the open air, should see that it is packed warm. The danger of freezing due to the loss of heat is high. Again and again, this fatal connection is the cause of death among homeless people.

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