Risk of injury in basketball

Warm up and protect equipment from injury

Although James Naismith aimed at a peaceful as possible, less campaign-oriented game in his draft, as with all ball sports and basketball, there is a risk of injury. Due to the high jumps to the basket, it can quickly happen that a player kinks with the foot when he comes and injures himself on the ankle or the ligaments. The knee and finger joints are also at risk. It can cause bruises, strains, compressions or blunt injuries. In general, the many jumps and fast sprints especially stress joints and spine. It is therefore important not to forget the warm-up before a game or workout to make your muscles supple and flexible.

Proper shoes are important

Even the right shoes can protect against injuries. Commercial sneakers are not enough for playing basketball, because they are cut relatively low and leave the ankles free. Professional basketball shoes usually reach above the ankles, providing support for ligaments and joints. Professionals often wear additional bandages or splints under the laces to minimize the risk of injury. The basketball equipment also includes jerseys, which are usually sleeveless for freedom of movement. In addition, shorts made of plastic materials or cotton, which are usually cut wide and reach over the knee.

The style of the street

In no other ball sport is styling as important as basketball. Wide trousers, sleeveless shirts, sweatbands and branded sneakers are typical features of basketball players. The casual chic of continued yet physical clothing, colorful colors and a strong brand loyalty was probably first enforced in the US. There developed in the backyards of New York and Chicago Streetball, a modification of conventional basketball, in which only one basket is played. The young people from different backgrounds, who came from poor backgrounds, found a way to make their mark. The style of the street, rap music and the "American Dream", to make it once from the ghetto backyard to the highly paid professional, have since played a serious role in basketball.

This includes an understanding of values ​​that provides for tolerance, integration and equal rights as well as rejects drugs and violence. Conflicts are solved at streetball not by force of arms, but by playful competitions and ball tricks. The sport basketball therefore contributes not only to the self-confidence of the players, but also promotes team spirit and tolerance. In addition, positive effects on the body: The many sprints improve endurance and flexibility, the throwing technique calls for arm, shoulder, leg and butt muscles. An hour of play easily burns 500 calories - as many as sticking chocolate in a bar.

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