Change Behavior - What do the will win?

What to do for your will to win?

After you have fixed your goal, you start the second stage. At this stage, you are connecting unbearable drawbacks with your old behavior (which you want to change) and incredible benefits with your new behavior. Specifically, this goes as follows: Think about what exactly you want to do (your fixed goal). Imagine what happens if you do not do it - the disadvantages that would result.

Imagine the worst thing about how terrible it could be if you did not change your behavior. Give this picture a huge weight. Make it powerful and big, so that you build up an inner pressure to avoid all this. The more dreadful you imagine this image, the more motivated you will be in your actions to avert the negative.

Change perspective

Now that you have this in mind, change your perspective. Now imagine how it is when you adopt your new, desired behavior. Imagine the most incredible benefits you can imagine. Maybe it helps you to more success, to strengthen your personality! You may receive recognition, become a recognized specialist in your field, or simply be happier in the knowledge that you have done something right and good. Are you sufficiently fascinated by this goal?

The difficulty with behavioral change is that we often talk about what we could and should change, but we do not consider it an absolute must. Many people will only change things immediately if they are forced to change.

Behavior change must be wanted

The question is not whether you can change, but whether you really want to change. This is a question of motivation, and this in turn is determined by pain or joy. Behavior changes are often only really brought about when the "pain threshold" is reached. Unfortunately, there are enough people who need to be in this total pain state to change something.

I recommend you not to wait so long, but to collect change reasons. Reasons for pro and contra. Attention: It is not a question of the effort your change inevitably entails, it is a question of the price you have to pay if you do not change.

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