Change behavior - develop alternatives

How do you get out of your "old routine"?

In the third stage, engage in the disruption of your habitual patterns of behavior: Over time, we have all acquired very specific behaviors, influenced by our parents, our education, our environment, our education, and many others. Even at work, there is a habitual pattern for you. Maybe your daily routine is completely uniform.

But usually the daily routine is not enough. They are required to be active. You may think that you are combining more benefits with the old behavior, advantages as you know them - but you also know that you should also engage in other areas, but the old pattern prevents you from actively taking this new path. You have an excellent idea: "Today I do everything I always have to do, and tomorrow I will take care of the new challenge."

Do not persist in old behavior patterns

Many people say the same thing again the following day: "Not today, but tomorrow" and remain in the old pattern of behavior. Here is a way how to manage to break the old program. For example, suppose you wanted to improve your interpersonal relationships. Make this a solid goal and break the old rut. Determine that today, for example, you B. want to distribute 10 praise and recognition. But it has to be sincere.

Go in search of the lovable qualities of your fellow human beings. Discover the positive qualities and praise them! Make a tally and make a line every time you have given praise and recognition.

Make your decision now and implement this decision immediately. The most important thing at this stage is that you actually break in patterns that have been retracted to allow for new behavior.

Develop effective alternatives

The fourth stage is concerned with the ways in which you can acquire this new behavior. You may have tried to change your behavior, but you have not succeeded. It quickly comes to the idea of ​​just leaving it, because this is the "better" = more comfortable way. Do not be tempted to follow this path.

There are two ways out of this impasse: on the one hand, you choose a successful person as a role model, or you build on your own achievements of the past, let the images, words and feelings of that time recollect and write down your strengths. Take advantage of these inherent strengths and activate them again.

A saying goes, "If you are worried tomorrow, look for someone to help you with." Look for alternatives that will help you to achieve and sustain your desired behavior. Bear in mind that you are the person who decides. It is solely your decision whether you B. like to give praise and recognition.

Definitely choose activities that you would otherwise neglect. One of the human privileges is the freedom of choice. Every day and every time. Leave possible imaginary limits. Do not stay in your rut, because it always leads to the same results. Different activities lead to different results. Look for alternative ways to support your goals.

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