Venous disorders - Prevention and treatment of venous insufficiency

As with many other illnesses, venous insufficiency and varicose veins also apply: the best thing is to prevent it! Most risk factors can be eliminated or at least reduced. Helpful general measures are:

  • Movement: If you have heavy legs, you would like to sit down. But that is wrong. Daily as much walking as possible gets the muscle pumps really going. Particularly suitable sports are swimming, running, cycling, cross-country skiing, hiking, dancing and playing golf.
  • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods: raise your feet as high as possible (lower leg at heart level) or, at least, relax and re-establish the muscles of the feet and legs, build in foot circuits and toe exercises. Do not cross your legs while sitting.
  • Reduce overweight
  • Wear flat shoes and loose clothing that does not cut in the back of the knees or groin: high heels hinder the muscle pump, tight jeans and too tight rubber of knee socks the backflow of the blood.
  • Avoid alcohol and nicotine
  • Cooling tense the veins: regular alternating baths or alternating showers of the legs from the feet to the thigh, preferably several times a day.
  • Avoid exposure to heat and long sunbathing: best stroke a bath, sunbath or sunbed. Go for a swim by the sea and go for a long beach walk. Sauna in moderation (individual courses only briefly, in between plunge pool) is allowed, as long as there is no phlebitis.

Help from the pharmacy

There is also special support for venous problems. Talk to your doctor and get advice in the pharmacy:

  • Support stockings help with heavy legs and prevent swelling, but are not suitable for the treatment of varicose veins. They are available as stockings or tights in the pharmacy in many fashionable colors.
  • Edema are prevented and alleviated by so-called edema protective agents, preparations of horse chestnut seeds, red vine leaves or buckwheat herb. They seal the vein walls and increase wall tension. A similar effect is possessed by rutin, which is found mainly in garden rue, but also in other plants (eg buckwheat, fennel, blackcurrant) and is also available as a finished product. The effect is noticeable after at least 2 weeks; The venom medications should also be taken a lifetime.
  • Perfusion-promoting or anticoagulant ointments and gels, z. B. with horse chestnut seeds or heparin relieve the symptoms.

The range of venom drugs is great. However, in many substances, the effectiveness is not objectively proven or the agents contain indeed effective ingredients, but these in far too small amounts. Drugs from the pharmacy are dosed high enough. There are only a few active ingredients that have received good marks in large-scale studies: have proven to be particularly effective the extract of

  • Rosskastaniensamens (pay attention to the word "Aescin" on the package)
  • Japanese string tree (pay attention to the word "Oxerutin" on the package)
  • red vine leaves (pay attention to the word "flavonoids" on the package)
  • Butcher's wort rootsticks (pay attention to the word "Ruscogenine" on the package)
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