Venous disorders - compression stockings for venous insufficiency

Swollen ankles and sore legs are the first signs of venous insufficiency that progresses over time with many sufferers. Then the accumulations of water become more pronounced and do not stop at night. Brown spots characterize the skin, in some places it comes to hardened white skin areas. At least now, a compression treatment must be started to prevent an open leg.

Compression puts pressure on veins

With the pressure from the outside, the vein cross-section is reduced, thereby increasing the flow velocity of the venous blood. At the same time the compression stocking serves as an abutment of the muscle pumps. With this support, the worn out veins also manage to bring the blood back to the heart. Compression stockings or tights are prescribed by the doctor and made precisely in the pharmacy - in the morning, when the legs are not swollen.

Admittedly, wearing a compression stocking all day long requires stamina and is especially annoying in summer.

But: In many cases, it is imperative to prevent further consequential damage.

By the way: The best treatment results are achieved when the compression therapy is combined with one of the above mentioned herbal medicines.

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