Avoid unwanted pregnancy through sex education

The number of teenage births in Germany is low by international standards. With 13 births per 1000 girls aged between 15 and 19 per year, we are among the British of 31 and the USA of 52 births. Nevertheless, every unwanted pregnancy is one too many. As a rule, the children are sexually mature before they really understand what is happening. Between the ages of 14 and 17, 38 percent of girls have already passed their first time, compared to 29 percent of boys. Due to early sexual maturity, girls can always get pregnant sooner. As a reason of early sexual maturity, researchers cite the good health of the population. For the last 150 years, the time of the first menstruation has moved forward by 6 years!

What do the kids know?

Most adolescents are not well informed at all - but they think they know a lot. Surveys on adolescents on the subject of sex repeatedly show which misconceptions exist. Some people think that coitus interruptus can prevent pregnancy, while others do not know that you can get pregnant during the period.

Although girls are generally a little better educated than boys, being able to safely and consciously have their first sexual experience is not enough. Therefore, children should at the age of ten know about sex education at the latest.

And what about sex education?

Sex education is still a stepchild in school today. And that although sex education is recognized in all provinces as part of the educational mission in schools.

The Enlightenment only occasionally flows into biology, subject or religious education; Other subjects are as good as not involved in sex education. It is often overlooked that sex education in addition to the purely biological aspects such as procreation, pregnancy and childbirth, but above all, means social education, namely how do we deal with each other. Questions that really concern young people, such as love, friendship and individual approach to sexuality hardly play a role.

Insufficient education in school and family is still a major reason for pregnancies in minors! By intensifying sex education, adolescents can not only learn a fearless and enjoyable way of dealing with sexuality; It also reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancies and dangerous infectious diseases. The goal of sexual education is a self-determined and responsible approach to sexuality.

Common causes of unwanted pregnancies

Despite all available contraceptives: still a large proportion of pregnancies in Germany are unplanned.

  • Pill Errors: In many cases, women forget to take their pill once or even several times.
  • Unwanted pregnancies also go back to the incorrect use of condoms.
  • The contraceptive protection of the pill can not be guaranteed by diseases (diarrhea and vomiting) or the additional intake of other medicines, eg some antibiotics.
  • Problems with the spiral can arise when it is in the wrong position. Therefore, it must be checked twice a year whether the spiral is still correct.
  • Often, adolescents also have interpersonal problems, such as As inhibitions in the use of contraceptives or too little openness in discussions on the subject.
  • Unintentional pregnancies are also attributable to the complete renunciation of contraceptives.

Enlightenment concepts

The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) has developed concepts for sex education and family planning in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Media of the BZgA on sexual education in kindergarten and elementary school are already available, for example, with the media package '' On the trail of life '' for 8 to 12 year olds and the '' kindergarten box - Discover, Look, Feel! ''.

Loveline.de is a sex-pedagogical internet service especially developed for adolescents, which provides information on all issues of physical development, first love and contraception in a competent and youthful language and presentation.

Additional and complementary sex education

The "Medical Society for the Promotion of Women's Health" is an association of women doctors with the aim of promoting the health of girls and young women in schools, answering questions and topics that are not or only insufficiently addressed in sex education Female doctors also promote sexual education at school in terms of the preventive medical aspect Pro familia also offers participation in sex education lessons in schools and on parents' evenings.

counseling services

As a teenager, becoming a mother will confront a teenager with a variety of problems. The fundamental question of what should happen now is first and foremost in the room. Then it's about financial issues, their own education and childcare. So the young women have to cope with a variety of mental stress. The main thing is then that one can talk about his worries and fears, although counseling centers can be very helpful. There are counseling centers z. At Pro Familia.

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