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Statutory and private accident insurance: The topic of accident insurance plays an essential role for every working German citizen, since month after month a part of the gross salary has to be paid into the legal protection of the accident insurance. Many citizens therefore assume that a private insurance by accident insurance is no longer necessary, since there is a legal protection.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to think about a private accident insurance, as this in their range of services goes much further than the insurance of the state and also provides compensation in situations in which the statutory accident insurance is not obliged to benefits.

Statutory accident insurance: benefits

The statutory accident protection applies primarily to all accidents that occur at the workplace. If an accident occurs here, it must be reported within three days to the employers' liability insurance association or the social security institution, which then provides the corresponding compensation, usually based on the gross income.

Even in the case of so-called commuting accidents, there is legal protection, ie when traveling to work or away from work. However, it is important that a direct route is chosen, any deviation from it by the least detour can lead to the fact that the obligation to reimbursement by the statutory accident insurance expires.

Supplement through private accident protection makes sense?

Those who decide to take out accident insurance with a private insurer in addition to the legal protection enjoy insurance cover everywhere and around the clock. This applies both to sports or other, active leisure activities, as well as on vacation worldwide. Of course, how high the benefits of a private insurance contract are in this case depends primarily on the contributions paid.

Here, too, after an accident the insurer has to report it within a few days. For example, it should be proven by means of a medical certificate how long a sick leave is planned after the accident. On the basis of these specifications, the insurance company provides its services, by which, of course, the statutory benefits can be specifically supplemented in the event of an occupational accident.

Benefits of private accident insurance

There are many reasons for opting for private accident insurance. This form of protection is particularly useful for all policyholders who take an active leisure time with sports or travel and want a similar insurance protection for these situations as on their job through the statutory accident insurance.

However, since accidents can also happen quickly in classic, everyday situations such as housework or do-it-yourself activities, policyholders increasingly want comprehensive protection for such situations as well. Private accident insurance can lead to benefits under a contract, depending on the benefits paid, as well as disability or hospital stays or rehab measures.

Private accident insurance: disability

For the paid-in contributions, which an insured person invests in the protection of private accident insurance, a fixed, maximum amount of cover is negotiated. This is based on the so-called member tax, the amount of compensation, if it should come to a disability.

For example, if the policyholder loses a hand or a finger, he or she may explicitly infer from the terms of the contract what percentage of the total coverage he will be reimbursed for by his insurer. Anyone who decides on benefits from a private accident insurance can therefore influence the amount of the cover amount specifically through their own annual contribution.

Additional services: private accident insurance

If an accident does not lead to disability, there are still a large number of costs that a policyholder would like to be reimbursed in a comprehensive manner. For example, anyone who has to stay in the hospital for an extended period after an accident can negotiate services that correspond to a hospital daily allowance insurance with their private accident insurer. Also for the phase of rehabilitation or the cost of aids that have to be used after the accident, a private accident protection may be the right choice depending on the insurance case completed.

Modern tariffs in this area of ​​insurance give the individual policyholder numerous freedoms, so that the member's tax can be based on a different core contribution of the coverage amount than, for example, a daily allowance to be granted.

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