Typical symptoms of depression in men

Extreme escapes

To regain body and soul, depressive men often develop excessive behaviors. "While some work out every free minute for the next marathon, others can not even get away from work - both are compensatory strategies to restore seemingly threatened masculinity, " explains the DAK psychologist. Also, the abuse of intoxicants is a typical reaction. "Behind alcohol dependence often hide depression, " says Meiners. The dilemma: Since this is often unaware of those affected, only the symptoms are treated, not the actual cause. "Mental illnesses and depression in men are an important field for continuing medical education, " concludes Frank Meiner. "As a result, these diseases can be detected early and treated in a targeted manner."

Symptoms of depression in men

  • Those concerned quickly get upset about little things and react aggressively.
  • They make noticeably less work and often do not know why.
  • Many exercise excessively sports.
  • They regularly drink alcohol or take medication for relaxation.
  • They sleep badly at night and are constantly exhausted during the day.
  • They endure less stress than before and are easy to throw off track.
  • They often feel anxious, restless or depressed.
  • They feel burned out and paralyzed.
  • They often have suicidal thoughts.
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