Dry skin

In Germany, between 20 and 35 percent of all people suffer from dry skin. The symptoms range from a light feeling of tension, scaly, sensitive or chapped skin to redness and itching. It is important to prevent in time, so that the skin can perform its tasks optimally. Healthy skin is not only the largest human organ, it also performs many functions.

Functions of the skin

The most important functions that our skin takes over include:

  • Protection against mechanical, chemical or physical injuries
  • Metabolic and storage function
  • Recording and excretion function
  • sense organ

The dry skin may be due to heredity or acquired. It may be a symptom of a skin disease, for example eczema or an internal disease, for example kidney disease or diabetes.

External influences that can lead to dry skin:

  • Cold and dry heating air
  • Frequent or intensive showering and bathing
  • Too low humidity
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • Professional dry skin, for example at hairdressers

The dry skin is characterized by both lack of moisture and lack of fat. For the day care is therefore recommended a low-fat moisturizer and evening a fatty night cream.

To be able to solve every skin problem individually, there are different care series in your pharmacy, because the dry skin needs protection as well as targeted care.

Here are some tips for healthy skin:

  • You should not give up the daily shower, even with dry skin, to remove corneal dandruff and sweat residue. Avoid too hot or too long showers.
  • Use intensively moisturizing preparations.
  • Take so-called syndets instead of alkaline soap. They protect the acid mantle of the skin.
  • Avoid intensive sunbathing, because otherwise the skin dries out.
  • Your care and cleaning series should be without the addition of perfume and additives.
  • Always use the same care series.
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