Drinking water helps with weight loss

Anyone who drinks water consumes more energy. The consumption of drinking water leads to an increase in energy consumption even among overweight people - and this includes around two-thirds of adults in Germany. Drinking tap water can therefore help you lose weight. Drinking water contains no calories, but also "burns" energy. Even normal weight people who want to keep their weight benefit from this effect of drinking water. The so-called thermogenic effect of drinking water in obese people was proven by a study of the Charité, Berlin. It was from the forum drinking water e. V. supported. A team of researchers at the Charité, Berlin, and the German Institute for Nutrition, Potsdam-Rehbrücke, examined the effect of drinking tap water on the energy metabolism in nine overweight, healthy volunteers.

With drinking water, losing weight is easier

The change in eating habits and more exercise in everyday life are crucial for successful weight loss. Now the important importance of water drinking was highlighted. As a drink, water is the right choice because it does not contain any calories but consumes them when it is drunk. "Enjoying 1.5 to 2 liters of drinking water a day can increase your energy expenditure even for overweight people by up to 100 kilocalories, which can be extrapolated to about 36, 500 kilocalories per year, which is equivalent to up to five kilograms of adipose tissue." "sums up Dr. Michael Boschmann, study leader, the result of the study together. Who wants to get rid of excess kilos, knows the recommendation, especially during a diet to drink a lot. So far, this advice has been more based on the fact that water is calorie-free and drinking can create a feeling of satiety. It has only recently become known that drinking water consumes additional energy. The new study shows that drinking drinking water can also help overweight men and women with a body mass index of over 30 kg / m² lose weight. Interesting: The study results indicate that a high mineral content in the water rather weakens the thermogenic effect - that is, the additional energy loss due to heat.

Practical tips

To give preference to drinking water as a beverage is, according to the results of the new study, especially recommended for those who want to lose weight. But even those who are satisfied with their weight and would like to keep it constant, should take enough water. "Drinking water can therefore play a major role in preventing obesity and weight loss, " explains Dr. med. Michael Boschmann. "It's best to drink half a liter of cold - not ice-cold - tap water before eating, " is the recommendation of Boschmann and his team. Drinking water is therefore an ideal thirst quencher: on the one hand it does not contain any calories and on the other hand it leads to more energy being consumed. In addition, it is available everywhere in good quality and costs only about 0.2 cents per liter.

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