Do you drink enough?

Around 20, 000 people searched within a year for the answer to this question and were advised by of Forum Drinking Online. Now the data has been evaluated. The results: 80 percent of all participants want to drink more. People who regularly drink small amounts throughout the day manage to drink almost one liter more during the day than those who only drink a lot once a day. Interesting: The life situation seems to have an influence on the drinking behavior. Those who live in a partnership or family forget about drinking rather than singles.

Set realistic goals

Strict resolutions rarely lead to success. This also applies to the improvement of drinking behavior. With intentions such as "From tomorrow I drink at least two liters every day" can reach the target set hard. On the contrary, people who set themselves realistic goals drink on average 0.5 liters more a day than those who are rigidly controlled.

Therefore, the forum recommends drinking water:

  • Do not overcharge!
  • Prefer to start gradually with the drinking training

Water drinker at an advantage

Those who enjoy good drinking water also have the advantage. Because water drinkers tend to manage to reach the recommended drinking volume of at least 1.5 liters per day. No wonder, because tap water is available almost everywhere and around the clock in the best quality. The water drinkers also have the nutritionists on their side, because they recommend it as a good thirst quencher.

Let the "drinking alarm" ring

Almost everyone knows how important regular fluid intake is. But who is thinking about drinking enough and regularly during the day? Against this forgetting, the forum provides drinking water e. V. now a new free online service: A drinking alarm reminds regularly by e-mail to drink.

What else you will experience ...

Nutritionists recommend that you drink regularly throughout the day - preferably pure water or bubbly, mixed with juices or syrups and fruit or herbal teas. During the day, fluid losses incurred during the evening do not fill up again until the end of the day. Because: The organism can not absorb large amounts of fluid at once.

The forum drinking water e. V. provides information on drinking water in Germany based on facts and scientific studies. The aim is to raise awareness of the quality product and food drinking water in Germany. On the homepage, among other things, current studies on drinking and performance are available for download.

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