Food combining: advantages and disadvantages

Some swear by it, the others consider it useless, and the truth is somewhere in between - food combining is one of many ways to eat consciously and healthily. However, the health aspect, which was much sworn about 70 years ago, to prevent acidification of the body by strictly separating protein and carbohydrates, has now been refuted.

Hay's food: avoid hyperacidity

A bread with cheese? Potatoes with cottage cheese? This is incompatible with the principle of food combining. The American doctor Howard Hay believed that his kidney disease was the result of a "hyperacidity" of the body, which in turn was caused by an incorrect combination of food.

Proteinaceous foods such as dairy products and meat should not be eaten together with carbohydrate-containing foods such as cereals. An incorrect combination will cause the food to be broken down only incompletely. This would cause fermentation, metabolic waste, hyperacidity and ultimately chronic diseases. He drastically altered his diet, separating acid-forming and base-forming foods - and regained his health. He treated his patients equally, sometimes with great success.

And even today, the so-called food combining is propagated as "Köhnlechner Trenndiät" or "Fit for Life" - diet, not only as a means to lose pounds, but also as a cure for metabolic diseases. Especially in the context of diets, food combining seems to be a popular perennial favorite. Like Hay, most dietary diets recommend making two-thirds of the daily diet with base-forming and one-third acid-forming foods.

Fruits and vegetables are among the basic, starchy and sugary products such as potatoes as well as protein-rich foods such as sausage, meat and fish to the acid-forming products counted.

Scientifically controversial

Scientists have long since proven that the digestion and absorption of all nutrients takes place in the neutral to basic environment of the small intestine. The healthy organism keeps its acidity relatively constant, no matter what we eat. Even strong hydrochloric acid like the stomach acid gets into the intestine and is neutralized without acidifying the organism. Acidosis can occur, for example, in a metabolic derailment such as diabetes. This must be treated by the doctor - and is supported with diet under medical supervision.

From the point of view of digestion, a separation of carbohydrates and protein is therefore unnecessary. In addition: A complete separation is hardly possible in everyday life. Almost all types of cereals, vegetables and fruits contain protein as well as carbohydrates. Incidentally, the separation of carbohydrates and protein also has its drawbacks: The body uses part of the dietary protein in favor of energy production in carbohydrate-free meals, instead of using it for the development of body structures.

Advantages of the food combining

Despite some misgivings: Many people who want to consciously eat, get thanks to the food combining a start to a healthier life. Finally, it comes with a lot of fruit and vegetables on the table, fat and meat, however, are greatly reduced. Therefore, losing weight is easier. In addition, sugar, white flour and finished products for strict Trennköstler taboo. Anyone who still pays attention to refrain from eating any of the staple foods, such as bread, cereals, milk, dairy products and eggs, can also eat healthily with Hay's food combining.

It should be noted that especially certain combinations of carbohydrates plus proteins have a particularly favorable effect - this applies, for example, to potatoes with cottage cheese. The success of food combining is therefore only in the slightly vegetarian diet with a lot of raw food and low fat.

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