Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) makes pounds melt

With the healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can reduce excess weight. The physicians of the German Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Lower Bavarian Bad Füssing have found that. Patients can "melt away" excess pounds with a special combination therapy of Total-Fasting and ancient Chinese treatment methods in Germany's largest TCM clinic.

Chinese fasting

The treatment lasts two weeks, which not only reduces excess body weight, but can also preventively reduce high blood pressure or even existing coronary heart disease. Chinese fasting goes far beyond the usual calorie reduction.

The Far Eastern therapy primarily aims to harmonize body and mind. The weight is reduced slowly during the two-week therapy, but in the long term. Regular qigong exercise exercises and special acupuncture treatments for appetite control accompany the therapy and are an important key to the long-term success of the treatment.

Slimming diet without "yo-yo effect"

The otherwise often seen in slimming diets yo-yo effect, which leads to the cure again to gain weight, remains with appropriate patient behavior. Several hundred patients have already successfully completed Chinese fasting therapy at the German Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bad Füssing.

"During Chinese fasting, the balance of body and soul is established, " says Dr. Weizhong Sun, chief physician of the TCM clinic. "That's why weight loss of 20 pounds and more is possible in our experience."

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