Eye bags and dark circles: what the eye area reveals

First you see it in the eyes: sleeping nights, too much alcohol, getting older. For some, it is the bags under the eyes that make the face look puffy in the morning, while others are dark circles under the eyes that do not give a healthy impression. The cosmetics industry offers an unmanageable number of ointments and lotions, sometimes at horrendous prices. But what is the cause of bags and dark circles? And what really helps against it?

Home remedies as emergency aid

In many cases, simple home remedies provide some sort of immediate help for the worst symptoms. The game around the eyes is very sensitive. Here, bad and too little sleep or a festive and cheerful celebration leave visible traces. For the skin around the eyes is three times as thin as in other parts of the face; Compared to the body skin, it is even up to six times thinner.

What is missing in the eye area is the subcutaneous tissue and solid connective tissue. An unhealthy way of life, smoking and getting older with the completely normal relaxation of the skin can be seen here first.

Shadows and edges

In the rather delicate vessel walls, fluid often accumulates on the lower lid, which spreads around the capillaries - the finest ramifications of the veins. On the skin surface then bluish dark circles shimmer. This is partly predisposition, but sometimes a symptom of a serious illness. There's not much you can do about it, except to overshadow the shadows with a shade lighter by a shade or two.

Quite generally applies to a firm facial skin: drink enough liquid - not in alcoholic but unsweetened form as water, tea or juice.

Tear bags have nothing to do with tears

Too little exercise, too little sleep and stress and smoking are certainly the main culprits also for "bags under the eyes", as this symptom of aging is colloquially called. But instead of liquid, this is fat accumulation under the eye. They always occur when the lymphatic flow comes out of its normal rhythm and swells the eye area.

The older you get, the clearer you can see the cushions directly under the eyes. For it is precisely at these points that muscles and connective tissue emit with increasing age. On the hit list of cosmetic surgeries, removing puffy bags is high on the list. The doctor makes a small cut on the lower eyelid, the fat is removed, skin and muscles are tightened. A scar can hardly be seen later.

For light eye bags, the doctor uses the laser, removes the fat and tightens the eyelid skin. With the often offered connective tissue massages and special creams you can not really stop the development.

Home remedies for the eye area

If under-eye circles and swollen eyelids only appear for a short time and disappear again in a healthy lifestyle and sufficient sleep, you need not worry. If the symptoms persist but persist, you should consult a doctor: eye swelling may indicate illness. Swelling of the eyelids, especially the lower eyelids sometimes indicate a heart failure, kidney disease or an allergy.

What really helps are cooling agents: the slices of cucumbers that appear on some skits work just like tea bags with black or green tea from the fridge or a quark mask - these can be applied to the face or under the eyes for about 20 minutes and gently wiped with a lukewarm damp washcloth rub.

Some doctors recommend that you try a weak concentrated urea-containing ointment from the pharmacy: urea is a natural, body-own substance that increases the water content in the uppermost skin layer and thus normalizes skin flexibility. The skin keeps the moisture better and becomes smoother.

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