Tourette syndrome - therapy

Which therapy is there?

The diagnosis is made purely on the basis of the symptoms, in some cases an EEG is written to rule out other diseases. The TS can not be cured therapeutically, treatment is only necessary if the affected are affected by their symptoms. This applies in particular to children and adolescents in order to prevent psychosocial consequences (withdrawal behavior, resignation). There are various drugs available, but some have unpleasant side effects. They must be adjusted individually and slowly increased or reduced.

Does Cannabis Tourette Patients Help?

Trials with the active ingredient of cannabis are very promising; Cannabis has recently become available as a prescription medicine in Germany. Supportive methods include relaxation and other behavioral therapies that help to reduce stress and the risk of self-control.

Education about the disease is important

It is also important to educate parents and teachers about the disease, how to deal with it and how to identify suitable solutions for problems. Only in rare, severe cases can the personal and professional life of the person affected be affected.

Did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart suffer from Tourette syndrome?

Some scientists suspect that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also suffered from the TS. They justify this by Mozart's letters to his cousin, which showed a tendency to nonsensical repetitions (palilalia) and the use of very crude expressions (coprolalia).

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