Tips for tooth rescue

Four tips to rescue knocked out teeth

If a tooth has been knocked out in an accident, it does not have to be lost forever. He can usually be replanted back into the pine. But the sensitive root skin must not dry out. Broken-out teeth must therefore be searched for immediately and stored properly:

  1. In a special tooth rescue box, the cells of the periodontal skin survive up to 2 days at room temperature. This is due to the special cell nutrient medium. Nevertheless, the dentist should be consulted immediately. If this is not possible in exceptional cases, the tooth should be transferred to a fresh tooth rescue box after 24 hours. The unopened tooth rescue box is stored at room temperature, has a shelf life of up to 3 years and should not be missing in schools, kindergartens, sports clubs, sports halls, swimming pools and in families with children.
  2. If no rescue box is available at the accident site, cold H-milk helps. However, it slows down the cell death only a few hours.
  3. The wrapping in plastic foil prevents drying of the periodontal membrane.
  4. Even more limited is the possibility of storage in isotonic saline solution. Rearrangement into the cell nutrient medium of the tooth rescue box should be as fast as possible. After re-implantation of the tooth, an antibiotic may be needed for 7-10 days and the tetanus immunity should be checked. Essential is an exemplary care of the back-planted tooth. It needs no special protection - for proper healing the tooth must have "something to do".
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