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A restful sleep on a suitable mattress is just a dream for many people. Insomnia and sleep disorders are not uncommon. In addition to stress or everyday worries, mattresses can also be triggers for bad sleep. Mattresses are ideal if they can adapt to the body as well as the body shape.

Sleep is important to us humans, even life-sustaining. Because during sleep, the body can recover from the stresses of everyday life, recharge your batteries. However, a poor reclining position can lead to insomnia as well as to physical pain, such as back pain. Also problems with the intervertebral discs (herniated disc), muscle tension or painful bruises through sleeping can possibly be avoided by choosing the right mattress.

Which mattress is suitable?

When buying mattresses, it is not only important to select the right material for your individual sleeping needs, but also the quality and size of the mattress can be crucial for the highest level of comfort.

Anyone who wants to decide for a new mattress, should plan especially time. Because a hasty decision is not recommended especially for mattresses. Finally, mattresses are used for about eight years, for this relatively long period of time, the mattress should be fit for the body to prevent problems with sleep or back.

At the latest, however, the mattress should actually be changed after eight years. This is useful for both hygienic reasons and from an orthopedic point of view. It is advisable to use the mattress after about four years to get an even use of the mattress.

Mites in the mattress

Most of the mites that are in the household can be found in the bedroom. Since mites are dependent on humid and warm climates, they frolic mainly in duvets, pillows and mattresses.

Especially allergy sufferers with an allergy to house dust should therefore pay attention to a suitable mattress for them. Mattresses with a good micro-climate are ideal for allergy sufferers. In addition, the mattress should have an easily removable as well as washable cover.

Pollutants in the mattress

It is important to pay attention additionally to the contained pollutants of the mattress. Because these can possibly lead to the triggering of further allergies. Even for non-allergy sufferers, these factors can be central to the purchase of mattresses.

Twill zone support and bending elasticity

In general, in mattresses, the twill zone support and flexural elasticity are important. A body zone support contained in the mattress can ensure that the body lies optimally in sleep and is relieved.

Due to the bending elasticity, the mattress can adapt to the different curves of the body, so that it is ergonomically bedded and no back pain is provoked.

Mattresses and their degree of hardness

Mattresses have different degrees of hardness. From H1 to H4, ie from extremely soft to extremely hard, the hardness ranges. However, it should be noted here that a degree of hardness can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, since the graded degrees of hardness do not correspond to a defined standard.

The degree of hardness to be chosen also depends on the weight and the size of the individual. Especially for couples with different weight or size, two individual mattresses are therefore often better suited than a common one. In order to find the right material for the mattress, it is important to know your own requirements as well as your own physical problems (back pain, herniated disc, etc.).

Types of mattresses

Anyone who has opted for a material should pay attention to the different quality levels within the choice of materials when buying, in order to really acquire a suitable mattress. Who chooses a new mattress, should be at least five minutes of rehearsal. By way of example, the following three types of mattresses are presented.

Innerspring mattresses
Spring core is an absolute classic among mattresses.

  • Robust
  • dimensionally stable
  • Ideal for people who sweat heavily
  • However, you can easily give in

Latex mattresses
As a rule, latex mattresses are made of a mix of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. These materials are beaten to foam and then vulcanized.

  • Extremely point elastic
  • ergonomic
  • Good regulation of moisture as well as heat
  • Good for allergy sufferers
  • However, quite difficult

Foam mattresses
Cold foam mattresses are made from cold foamed polyethane. The higher the volume weight of this mattress, the more robust it is.

  • Perfect for those who freeze fast
  • Durable
  • Good point elasticity, therefore highly recommended for people with back pain
  • However, contained plastics may cause allergies
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