Tips against back pain

Back pain is a true common disease. Almost every second suffers from it at some point. But you can do something about it. Here are some helpful tips:

Doing some sports right

If you mainly sit while working, you should at least move in your spare time. Suitable sports include:

  • Cycling: Pay attention to a straight back. Tilt your hips so your torso stays straight.
  • Swimming: Especially crawling and backstroke are ideal. In breaststroke or dolphin can neck and back cramp.
  • Rowing: Again, the upper torso is important. The power should come from legs and arms.
  • Jogging / Walking: Pay attention to good footwear. The best advice is in the specialist shop. The right running shoes prevent blows in the back and protect the joints.

Sit properly

Make sure that your upper body is straight and your legs are slightly spread out on the floor. Do not cross your legs. The pelvis should be slightly tilted forward. A good, adjustable chair has a backrest that reaches below your shoulder blades.

Proper bending down

You relieve your spine when you bend down and keep your upper body straight and slightly forward. If you have extra long legs, you better tilt your upper body and support yourself with one hand.

Lift loads correctly

Be sure to keep your back straight and tense the abdominal muscles. So the load is not in the back but in knee and hip joints. When getting up, push yourself off the ground and keep the load as close to the body as possible. Do not turn during lifting. This is poison for the spine!

Properly wear

Backpack, cart or suitcase with wheels are back-friendly means of transport. When carrying bags, if possible, spread the weight over two, one in each hand. To avoid one-sided stress.

Being correct

Lying on your back or on the side with your legs bent is particularly healthy. If you like to lie on your stomach, you better bend your leg and place a pillow under it, so that the spine does not "sag". Make sure your mattress is neither too soft nor too hard. Both bends the spine.

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