Tips for stress-free learning

Set realistic goals

Accounting is not for everyone - so you have to pass the exam so necessarily with a 1.0? Hardly likely. "Anyone who realistically assesses their options and has concrete goals protects themselves from excessive demands, " explains DAK expert Frank Meiners. Because unrealistic expectations put more pressure than necessary. The result: in the end you do not even get the normal stint. So it's better to go to the exam with the Olympic idea - it reduces stress, and less stress means less stress eating.

Exercise reduces stress

Even if it has nothing to do with the food at first glance: get up again and again, run around the block and get some fresh air. This gets the circulation going and clears the mind. In addition, the tension decreases and the desire to eat sinks. Because: "Who runs, directly reduces stress hormones - the cravings disappear, " says DAK graduate psychologist Meiners. If you are really hungry after that, you can of course treat yourself to something wholesome.

Actively use breaks

"Especially in times of mental stress, it is important to keep a cool head, " explains Frank Meiners. When learning, there are always seemingly unproductive phases: The head is full, the eyes hurt. These moments can be actively used for relaxation. A captivating movie or a lavish full bath direct the mind to something completely different. This reduces the stress curve, the desire for sweet rewards decreases and you are refreshed for the next round in everyday learning.

Drink, drink, drink

When learning you should take a lot of fluids. "Two liters a day, preferably water or juice spritzers, protect against headaches and lack of concentration, " says psychologist Frank Meiners. And: Water keeps the urge for food in check because it fills the stomach. "It is best if you always put a filled bottle within reach, then you do not forget drinking, " advises Meiners. And if it does, the PC calendar can be set to remind everyone to drink every 15 minutes.

Bannzone for sugar & Co

Anyone who still comes over a food cravings, should be prepared: "Even if it is difficult: candy on the desk are absolutely taboo, " says the DAK expert Meiners. Ideal: If you do not have something tempting in the house, you will not even be tempted. So just banish order cards from the pizza delivery and chocolate supplies out of reach and replace them with yogurt, fruits and wholemeal bread. By the way, nuts provide a lot of energy and increase mental performance. Not for nothing do the vital substance bombs form the basis of the famous "student food" and are ideally suited as a healthy snacking pleasure in times of stress.

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