Tips for sports in winter

Fitness - even when it's dark

  • Keep walking on footpaths. Wherever you can go for a walk, you can also jog or walk. It does not have to be the park. However, for running on tarmac you need good shoes and reflective tapes or bright clothes to be seen by cars and cyclists.
  • Stay fit at home. Gymnastics can get you out of breath. Maybe you also treat yourself to a home trainer or a cross trainer for the home?
  • Find a gym. It does not have to be the expensive ones, where they pay for a thousand things that you do not use at all. Get appointments for trial lessons.
  • Why do not you go back to the swimming pool?
  • Where is the nearest sports club? Do you remember your childhood and youth in the club in your area? It's just as much fun today. Choose from the huge courses and sports the right thing.
  • How about a dance class? Steppe, salsa or waltz - that's how you get going and getting off the sofa.

The worst excuses not to do sports in winter ...

  • It's not so bad when you gain a few pounds in the winter. Then you do not freeze like that.
  • I would have to buy extra new sports equipment.
  • Cold air is not good for the lungs.
  • If you do not feel like it, you should not force yourself. That is unhealthy. In the winter I can not do it in time.
  • I'll catch my cold.
  • I'm probably hurting myself because all the muscles and joints are so cold.
  • It is always dark. How should I do sports?
  • The days are so short. In the evening I want to have time for myself.

... and the best reasons to do it

  • If you move, you do not have to do without cookies, roast and goose. Movement reduces the amount of body fat. This makes the figure firmer and more beautiful.
  • Anyone who moves has no problems with the figure in the spring.
  • The overweight, which accumulates in the winter, most get in spring is not completely gone. So they get fatter every year.
  • Movement protects against cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. But regularity - all year round - is necessary.
  • Movement dispels cravings for chocolate, biscuits and other sweets.
  • Exercise eliminates daytime fatigue, providing a deep, healthy sleep at night.
  • Exercise activates the whole metabolism and with it also your immune system - you will not get sick this winter anymore.
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