Tips for shift workers

Make digestion easier for the body

Even if food hardly affects our internal clock, shift workers should pay attention to a balanced composition of meals and the right time to eat. In this way, they support their organism, which has to do a lot of conversion work in the constant change between the day and night rhythm. Here are some tips for people whose working hours fall between 10pm and 6am:

  • The energy requirement of a night shift worker is just as high as that of a day worker, only the distribution of meals is different. Due to the conditions corresponding regular food intake, loss of appetite and gastrointestinal disorders can be largely reduced.
  • Regular mealtimes and breaks during shift work ensure a better well-being.
  • Conveniently, a light dinner should be taken at home between 19 and 20 o'clock, around midnight is a hot meal, two hours before the end of work is a snack recommended - a warm meal warms and invigorates, snacks prevent the drop in blood sugar, so that the performance and Concentration be promoted positively.
  • The night catering should be low in fat and easy to digest:
    • As a warm main meal, vegetable stews, gratins or lean meats and fish in low-fat preparation are to be preferred. As side dishes are jacket potatoes, wholemeal rice, wholemeal pasta and vegetables and salads. Quickly prepared or taken from home and warmed up are also (ready) soups.
    • As snacks between low-fat dairy products, fruit, compote, crispbread, wholemeal bread with cream cheese or cooked ham and salads are recommended.
  • No coffee or black tea should be drunk two hours before going to sleep, as the caffeine has a stimulating, circulation-stimulating effect and thus the well-deserved sleep does not occur.
  • It is advisable not to go to bed early in the morning after work, but to schedule time to switch off (for example, by walking or reading). A light breakfast is allowed if it is adjourned.
  • In order not to disturb the inner clock by brightness, a quiet and especially darkened sleeping environment should be created during the day.
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