Tips for beautiful skin 21-32

21. Tired eyes refresh

Pour half a teaspoon of herbs from the pharmacy such as eyebright, lime blossom or fennel with 125 ml of boiling water, draw and allow to cool. Soak two cotton pads with the broth and squeeze on the back of the hand, before letting them rest on your closed eyelids for about 10 minutes. There are also finished eye pads that are already saturated with decongestants.

22. Ice cube massage for good blood circulation

Best to add distilled water with a dash of lemon juice and freeze. For better circulation, for example, of the legs, place the ice cubes on a washcloth and massage in a circular motion. The cold shock causes the blood vessels to contract quickly. The lemon has an astringent effect.

23. Cold against swelling

In the refrigerator stored, gel-filled baby teethers make swollen eyelids fall back to normal size. If necessary, it also does a well-cooled towel.

24. Maintain chapped lips

Wind, sun exposure and lack of care dry out the lip skin. Lip care sticks or creams protect the lip skin and prevent the skin's moisture from evaporating. Chronically-dry lips should be treated with a natural oil-based conditioner (such as castor, almond or jojoba oils) or a dollop of honey. Often, colored lipsticks with lanolin have the same effect.

25. Remove blackhead in 2 phases

In order to avoid unsightly inflammations when expressing so-called blackheads, it is advisable to remove annoying Talgpfropfen on the nose, forehead and chin with so-called anti-comedone strips. These strips work on the moistening, sticking and peeling principle. In Phase 1, the polymers in the strip combine with the blackheads. When removing the blackhead is removed from the pore. The treated skin is rubbed off in phase 2 with an antibacterial cloth.

26. Do not pluck and tug

In order to make the skin care as gentle as possible and to improve the absorption of the active ingredients, the skin should be treated gently. The skin care preparations on the forehead and cheeks with circular movements easily incorporate. Use the fingertips of the middle finger to gently pat the means around the eye area. For the neck area, always apply care creams with the entire palm of your hand from top to bottom.

27. Oxygen keeps you young

Those who spend a lot of time in the fresh air pump a lot of oxygen into their lungs: 95% via the respiratory system, 5% through the skin. Oxygenated creams can deliver the drug directly to the cells. The skin looks younger and fresher.

28. Drink a lot

The body consists of over 70 percent water. If there is a lack of moisture, wrinkles quickly develop, so it is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters, preferably mineral or unsweetened tea, during the day.

29. Sleep well

When it comes to the skin, it should already be 8 hours of sleep a night. Instead of a cuddly down pillow, a firm, flat pillow should be used. Thus, the cervical spine remains straight while lying and creases have no chance.

30. Milk bath for smooth skin

A milk bath or whey bath relaxes, makes beautiful and soothes dry, sensitive skin. Cause is the milk sugar, which is a great moisture binder and contains lots of vitamins, minerals, lactic acid, fat and protein. All of these ingredients are important for cell regeneration and nutrition.

31. Fruit acids for thick, coarse-pored skin

Through the use of AHA and BHA (alpha and beta hydroxy acids) -containing creams, also known as fruit acid creams, the horny layer of the skin is thinner and at the same time the cell renewal is accelerated. The result is a finer and smoother skin, the skin is better moisturized. Caution: Avoid sunbathing as pigmentation can occur.

32. Q 10 against free radicals

Aggressive oxygen molecules drive the skin aging process. With Q10, a coenzyme that is also formed by our body itself, the so-called "free radicals" can be neutralized. Coenzyme Q10 is used in many face creams and nutritional supplement capsules.

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