Tips for beautiful skin 11-20

11. Vitamin C invigorates the skin

Taut skin gets back into shape with vitamin C. Contained in creams, it stimulates the formation of the skin's own collagen fibers and also stimulates cell metabolism.

12. Tea tree oil against impurities

Tea tree oil (from Australia) in about five percent solution has a strong disinfectant and fights pimples. After two to three days at the latest, the improvement should become visible.

13. Beware of extreme diets

Extreme fluctuations in body weight also affect the elastic fibers of the skin. Massages, sports and body care can prevent this. Weight fluctuations up to two kilos, however, are harmless.

14. Moisture for oily skin

With a greasy skin there is a sebum overproduction. Care should therefore be taken during care that the skin is very much moisture, but no fat is supplied. Very suitable are light hydrogels or an oil-free fluid especially for oily skin.

15. Face massage for better blood circulation

With only four handles, each used for 20 seconds, excellent results can be achieved. A nutrient cream is very well suited to combine the creaming with a soothing massage.

  1. Using both palms, spread across the area from the nose over the cheeks towards the ears.
  2. Spread the forehead with the index, middle and ring fingers in a fan shape from the root of the nose to the hairline.
  3. Draw semicircles around the mouth with both middle and ring fingers.
  4. Paint across the bridge of the nose and eyebrows in one go.

16. Moisturizer on damp skin

Moist skin is swollen and more receptive than dry. So it is advisable to apply moisturizers in this state in upward and circular motions.

17. Moisture for dry skin

Moisturizers such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid or synthetically produced urea inject water into the dry skin and create moisture deposits. Since very dry skin is unable to do so by itself, the use of so-called moisturizers is recommended.

18. Avoid red veins

Anyone who does not want to burden sensitive skin prone to couperose (enlarged red capillaries) should avoid severe temperature drops. Hazardous areas include sauna, solarium and air-conditioned rooms. The enjoyment of nicotine, alcohol and spicy foods should also be restricted.

19. Steam makes the skin receptive

Heat and rising steam open the pores, make the skin more receptive and allow the active ingredients to penetrate better. So it is recommended to couple the face mask with a full bath. Following the same principle, the skin can also be prepared with warm compresses on the care. Just put a terry towel in hot water, wring well and put on the skin. Repeat the process several times.

Tip: Before applying the mask make a peeling, which optimizes the absorption of the active ingredients.

20. Pamper neck area with oil wraps

From the age of 35 years, something should be done regularly for the often neglected neck area, because the skin there particularly quickly slackens and wrinkles. Oil wraps have proved to be effective: mix three teaspoons of warmed oil (for example almond, avocado, sunflower, wheat germ, olive or velvety root oil) with the same amount of liquid honey and spread across the area between the chin and collarbone with a masking brush,

When finished, the lot is covered with a damp cotton cloth and wrapped in a soft terry cloth. Take off after half an hour.

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