Tips for more variety during the break

Smoking heads in math lesson, stale air after 45 minutes in the full classroom and then - finally break! Typical schoolyard games are ideal for recharging your batteries. Unfortunately, many classics have been forgotten. In the big break, many kids prefer to take their mobile phone instead of a skipping rope - and in the next hour they are unfocused and fidgety. Packaged in a trendy way, parents can make their sprouts old break hits tasty again. Because they promote movement, coordination and team spirit and also make cool kids fun.

Rope skipping becomes rope skipping

Jumping rope promotes coordination and endurance. What many do not know: Whoever regularly swings the rope at a young age prevents cardiovascular diseases in old age. In addition, children can reduce stress. Anyone who thinks that skipping is old-fashioned is wrong: Today there are variants of the schoolyard classic, which even small trend-setters like: "The terms Rope Skipping or Double Dutch can make you feel impressed by your youngest", explains DAK spokeswoman Nina Waldheim, "These trendy forms of jumping rope are played to several and are sure to quickly become a hit on the playground.

Concentration and team spirit are what counts in the Double Dutch "double stroke": Two opposing students hit two long skipping ropes in the middle of which one or more classmates can prove their skills, even with shorter ropes alone be jumped two or even three, the imagination knows no bounds.

Baggy Pants and Cool Throws - Streetball

Cool kids can play a casual round of streetball during the break. In this variation of the schoolyard classic basketball both teams play a basket. "All the players have to bring are fun in the movement, accuracy and team spirit, " explains DAK sports scientist Uwe Dresel. "The game is for everyone who enjoys technique, tactics and quick steps." A basketball hoop is now available at many schoolyards.

Gummitwist revival

Previously popular with girls, almost forgotten today: the schoolyard classic Gummitwist is experiencing a revival with new rubber bands in many bright colors. "This pause game is about skill, body control and sense of rhythm, " explains Dresel. The rubber band is stretched around the feet of two students and off you go: After a predetermined rhythm different steps are hopped. If the jumper makes a mistake by touching the rubber band or accidentally skipping a jump, the next one is in line. Gradually, the jump height and thus the degree of difficulty is increased.

Cell hopping

"With hopping games from your childhood like 'heaven and hell' or 'snail' you can no longer attract children today, " explains DAK spokeswoman Waldheim. "Instead, Handyhopping is announced." In this new Hüpfkästchen variant are combined with colorful chalk combined number and letter fields as on the phone keypad on the schoolyard. Then it is necessary to jump correctly from the classmates called words. This provides variety and helps to learn even spelling.

"Most of the breaks are too short for elaborate games, " explains Waldheim. "Schoolyard games also have to do without a lot of material, which is why not only the flexibility, but also the creativity of the students is promoted." And with the cool variants of the proven classics, nobody is going to be embarrassed by their classmates.

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