Tips for the Naschverhalten

As the saying goes: The dose makes the poison. Those who like to eat chocolate do not necessarily have to switch to gummy bears just because they do not deliver any fat. Although it should always be kept in mind that fat has significantly more calories than sugar. But even sugar can make you fat in larger quantities. There are about 550 calories in a 100g chocolate bar and about 595 calories in a 175g bag of gummy bears. Actually, the colored bears deliver significantly less energy in terms of weight. However, if you can quench your desire for sweets with a piece of chocolate better than with gummy bears, you do not have to give up this pleasure entirely.

Regularly, but in moderation

It is a good way to treat yourself to a small amount of your favorite sin in a moderate but regular manner - preferably after meals. So you do not run the risk of plastering the whole pack at once. This pleases teeth, weight and prevents constant cravings for sweets. And the little, daily enjoyment experience is good for the soul. Even children get used to less sweetheart if they know clear rules and know that they can still satisfy their need regularly. Man is just a habit animal!

7 tips for snacking

  1. Schedule a "candy day" per week or a daily amount for snacking. To protect against tooth decay, take a sugar-free chewing gum or brush your teeth after a sweet treat.
  2. Do not create any sweet foods, this seduces only for frequent snacking. Despite special offers do not buy twice the amount. What is ready at home is also eaten.
  3. Best suited for chocolate fans are individually wrapped chocolate bars - for metered handling.
  4. If all else fails, the refrigerator trick helps: Portion chocolates into individual pieces and place them cool. Take a piece out of the bag and let it slowly melt in the mouth. You will notice that the chocolate contains numerous flavors that develop in the mouth after some time. In addition, the slow sucking makes you feel like you've had a lot more snacking.
  5. There are also sweet alternatives that can be nibbled without a bad conscience because they also provide the body with a healthy diet. Suitable for this are dried fruit, trail mix, minizwieback with coconut or chocolate flavor, sweet rice crackers or fruits that are chocolate-coated during the Christmas season. In addition to sugar, there are also some vitamins, minerals and fiber in it.
  6. A healthier alternative to sweetened desserts is also natural yogurt made with fresh fruit or a spoonful of honey, home-made ice cream or pudding made with low sugar and low-fat milk. With fruit salad, applesauce and bananas, the appetite for sweets can also be compensated.
  7. Since almost all children love chewing gum, sugar-free chewing gum is also an alternative to sweets.
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