Tips for abdominal discomfort 8 to 12

Tip 8: Heel seat (exercise)

For abdominal discomfort, special exercises can help alleviate the pain: sit on your heels and stretch both arms over your head. The palms should touch each other. Then tension the butt and pull your upper body with your arms upwards. But stay with it on your heels. Maintain the tension for about one minute.

Tip 9: Turn off

Not infrequently, abdominal discomfort is due to a stressful or hectic everyday life. Therefore, if you have abdominal discomfort, you should try to avoid stress and be aware of it: take a break, rest and do only the things that you really feel like doing.

Also, be sure to eat regularly, at rest, and slowly. For even the hasty swallowing of meals can lead to abdominal discomfort.

Tip 10: Abdominal massage

In acute abdominal discomfort, a gentle massage of the abdomen can help alleviate the discomfort. Particularly suitable for the massage is thyme, Johanniskern or lavender oil.

In the abdominal massage, circular movements are performed around the navel with the flat hand. It is important to always perform the movements in a clockwise direction.

Attention: You should not use the massage if you find it uncomfortable.

Tip 11: The rolled up sheet (exercise)

This exercise can also help to alleviate your abdominal discomfort. The starting point is again the heel seat: bend your upper body forward and lay your forehead on the ground. Now stretch your arms forward and stay in this position until you are completely relaxed.

Tip 12: Chamomile compress

A chamomile compress is a good alternative to a belly wrap. To do so, place three tablespoons of chamomile flowers in a bowl and pour one liter of boiling water over them. Let it rest for ten minutes and then drain the water. Dip a cotton cloth into the warm camomile water, wring it out and place it on the aching abdomen with adequate temperature.

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