Tinnitus - self-help and treatment

In many cases, ear noises can be understood as a well-intentioned reminder of the body. At the beginning, tinnitus is usually also a warning signal that we have taken over our body or soul. That's why you should track down the causes and if possible fix them. Get to the bottom of it. Check your life situation. And do not be afraid to seek therapeutic help to get rid of tinnitus!

12 tips for self-help with tinnitus

For the treatment of tinnitus the affected person is usually asked:

  • Find a doctor of trust, but do not give your responsibility to the doctor.
  • Do not be afraid to seek psychotherapeutic help!
  • Avoid any stress in the acute phase. A sick leave in the first one to two weeks is very helpful here.
  • Handle nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol properly.
  • Avoid noise and loud music. Or protect yourself with hearing protection.
  • Check with your doctor and pharmacist if your medication is damaging to your ear.
  • Talk about relaxation exercises.
  • Strive for positive thinking.
  • Inform yourself thoroughly about your illness.
  • Physical exercise will do you good.
  • Do not make your tinnitus a food spot. Do not retreat. Promote your family and friendly relationships.
  • Provide a hearing aid as soon as possible with a detected increased hearing loss.

Personalized therapy

In general, a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude to life and relaxation exercises are helpful. Likewise, the exchange of experience with peers in self-help groups. All further therapy steps must be individually tailored to you. For it is precisely when tinnitus becomes suffering that mental factors play a superordinate role.

So save time and nerves by running from doctor to doctor, hoping to get rid of your tinnitus. You decide on the success, you have to become active yourself and learn to tolerate tinnitus! Listen to yourself.

Hide the tinnitus

Even if your tinnitus stays, you should not give up hope. In most cases, tinnitus, initially perceived as stressful, increasingly loses its intensity. With continuous ear noises, the ultimate goal in therapy is to pay no attention to tinnitus. You can learn to ignore him. At first, humans always react with increased attention to an unknown noise.

Try to turn your attention to the important things in life. And not the unimportant tinnitus. Many sufferers manage this within the first year. Give yourself time and patience.

Tinnitus clinics

There is a unique network of tinnitus clinics in Germany for all sufferers with a high level of suffering. All follow a psychosomatic approach to therapy. There are good chances to significantly improve the ability to live and work here.

The German Tinnitus League (DTL) has created a detailed list of clinics that you can request.

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