Thyroxine during pregnancy and weight loss

Thyroxine can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding, without any risk of side effects or risks for the mother and child. Rather, it is important that the therapy continues during pregnancy to avoid physical problems. During lactation, small amounts of the hormone pass into breast milk, but the dose is considered harmless.

In pregnant women, thyroid levels should be monitored at regular intervals. Because of the increased estrogen levels, it may happen that the need for thyroxine increases. Then an adjustment of the dosage is necessary.

Thyroxine: interactions

It should be noted during pregnancy that thyroxine should not be taken together with antithyroid drugs used to treat hyperthyroidism. Thyreostatics may only be given to pregnant women in low doses because they can enter the baby's circulation via the placenta and trigger hypothyroidism.

Lose weight with thyroxine?

Thyroxine should generally only be taken on medical advice and used to treat thyroid disorders. Nevertheless, the hormone is abused again and again as a weight loss pill. However, taking thyroxine for weight loss is strongly discouraged. For one thing, there is no scientific proof that weight loss is the result of use. On the other hand, the remedy for this application is not permitted.

L-thyroxine is a drug that has a significant impact on various bodily processes. If the hormone is taken without medical necessity and regular medical check-up, this can lead to serious side effects. This is especially true when combined with medications that target weight loss. Too high a risk of insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis may increase.

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