Tennis elbow - tips

Prevent a tennis elbow

To prevent recurring movements should be best avoided. If this is not possible, you should warm up the arms before the load. To do this, bring the arm to the shoulder and loosely form a fist. Then extend the arm downwards, open the hand and turn it outwards. Variety also helps to avoid overloading. So, do the usual work steps with left. Even if the grip sometimes goes nowhere.

5 tips to prevent a tennis elbow:

  1. When home improvement on the right tool. Also: Instead of laboriously screwing in screws by hand, better use the power of a cordless screwdriver.
  2. On the computer you should be able to sit comfortably and straight. Adjust the monitor at eye level. The hands should be able to lie loosely in front of the keyboard and form a straight line with the arm. Avoid a bent hand position.
  3. Instead of constantly using the mouse, it is better to use the shortcuts on the keyboard. Because in principle applies: If the mouse is not absolutely necessary, hands off her.
  4. Gentler for the poor is writing with ten fingers. In general, the keyboard should be chosen so that a comfortable working is possible. Meanwhile, ergonomic keyboards and computer mice are offered. However, these keyboards should only be used if you have 10-finger writing skills.
  5. Hand strengthening exercises can be easily incorporated into the workday. Simply hold your arm and hand straight and lightly press against a surface. Do the exercise with both the palm and the back of the hand. Or even easier: keep your hands loose and shake them out.
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