Tennis - sports with fitness factor

Almost everyone has ever hit a ball with a club. And many try for fun with the tennis racket. But most of the time it remains in the freestyle game. The better way to a well-groomed tennis match: first a beginner's course or coaching lessons - and then stay on the ball.

Tennis for beginners

The Association of German Tennis Teachers (VDT) recommends beginners to take tennis lessons. The reason: The strokes in tennis are easy, but to hit the ball is very difficult. This requires good hand-eye coordination. Therefore, an expert should give tips and play the ball so accurate that you can calculate and meet him optimally. Which is just not the case with two beginners who hit the balls criss-cross the ears.

Special forms of exercise help that you can play tennis as a beginner with fun. In the self-experiment, on the other hand, unfavorable beating techniques usually get in the way and the fun stays quickly on the track. In the worst case, injuries are threatened by incorrect loading. And later, without solid basic training, you will quickly reach your limits.

Tennis schools and clubs

Good tennis schools and clubs can be recognized by the number of busy coaches with a license. The German Tennis Federation (DTB) and the VDT have jointly established a seal of quality: "DTB / VDT-approved tennis school". So far, 50 institutions in Germany carry this award. Only trained personnel are able to select exactly those forms of exercise that are optimally adapted to the respective skills of the learners.

A good tennis player can certainly play balls just as well, but that's not enough for a qualified lesson. For an individual lesson, you have to pay 25 to 30 euros including course fee, four in the group training, there are 10 to 15 euros for each participant.

Tennis schools usually offer courses for beginners, advanced and children. After a few hours of coaching you can start with another partner to put the already learned knowledge into practice. It is advisable to look for playmates who play at a similar level as you.

What you should know: If the opponent is weaker, you can face special tasks, try new punches and tactics. In any case, the playful debate should be more important than pinpoint scoring. Otherwise, the balancing function of this sport is quickly lost and can turn into leisure stress.

For children often taster courses are offered in the clubs. There they can find out if they like tennis at all and they are also suitable for it.

Tennis soon

  • Fitness factor: Big. The running game is a good total body workout. Training effects for the cardiovascular system, coordination and almost the entire musculature. Good mix of speed and strength endurance. You can learn tennis almost at any age. The sooner it starts, the further you get to the front.
  • Safety factor: mediocre. Unilateral loading of the Schlagarmseite, which should be compensated by gymnastics. Laity are more frequently affected by the so-called "tennis elbow" than professional athletes. This is an overload on the extensor muscles of the hand, which are located on the elbow. Important: Good warm-up and stretching exercises also protect against muscle injuries due to abrupt stops and changes in direction. Special gymnastics strengthens the joints and prevents kinking. Important is the right sole profile for every surface. On ash places, it is particularly gentle on the joints. People who have cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure should stop exercising as soon as they experience discomfort.
  • Fun factor: high. Technically challenging dueling game without direct physical contact with much use and fair play. Ideal sport for all ages. Anyone who has ever placed a tennis ball with force on the line knows how good it feels.
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