Systemic family constellation - how does it work?

Aggressiveness, self-sacrifice, alcoholism, fear of closeness, fear of relationships, etc. can be the result of entanglements in the family system, of which those affected have no idea. The Systemic Family Constellation is an amazingly simple and intriguing tool to get to the bottom of these issues and resolve them.

What happens in a family constellation?

6 - 10 strangers and an accomplished site manager meet in a sheltered room. The first stand explains his problem, which he wants to shed light on. Then the participant selects the representatives of his family of origin or present (parents, children, usually also grandparents, husband / wife, etc.) from the participants. He then places these in the room.

Then the "picture" is considered. Who is turned to whom or turned away, who in the corner or in the center. Even from this "standing in relation to each other" is often visible, where a disturbance lies Each person is asked by the line manager, how he feels, what he feels in his assigned place.

Resolve issues

Then follows a process of rolling up and working up to the cause of the fault. In this way, what was hitherto concealed inside becomes visible, observable and understandable in the outer space. It is extremely important that all participants in this often very emotional situation are accompanied, protected and intercepted by a professional installation manager.

Then the elected representatives - as in a chessboard - so changed that all get a subjectively good place. Depending on the circumstances, excluded people are rewarded with very specific sets of solutions, guilt returned to where it belongs, mother / father accepted, responsibility assumed.


As simple as the method seems, so deep and lasting is its effect. The new solution image is internalized by the client and often has amazing and curative effects on disease symptoms, fragile relationships, problem children or old mental injuries. A new family image, in which love, acceptance and inner peace can be felt, can now emerge.

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