Study: Crisis between lecture hall and refectory

Loose student life, party without end? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! If you want a good job, you have to get through your studies quickly today, should have lived abroad for at least a year, have super grades and several internships. Consequences of pressure to perform: Self-doubt, stress and anxiety about the future are commonplace - and depressions are now just as common as fake refectories.

Every sixth student has mental problems

According to the 17th Social Survey of the German Student Union * almost every sixth student has mental health problems. In this situation, women in particular receive professional help: According to the study, every fifth person took advice. A survey of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster also confirms this trend. Out of 3, 800 surveyed students, 22 percent said that mental health problems affect their studies.

Basically, there are disproportionately many young people with mental illnesses. This is confirmed by the DAK Health Report **: Among women, the age group of 15 to 29 year olds is particularly affected. For men, it is mainly the 15- to 34-year-olds. From 1997 to 2004, this number has even more than doubled in some cases.

* Source: Deutsches Studentenwerk: The economic and social situation of students in the Federal Republic of Germany 2003
** Source: DAK Health Report 2005.

Much stress for coal and contacts

Students are currently facing a harsh wind in their face: The new Bachelor's and Master's programs mean that they can start their careers more quickly, but they also have to complete more exams in a shorter amount of time. In combination with a side job, which brings not only coal but ideally contacts, the stress is often inevitable. "In contrast to young professionals, students generally do not have a regular income, and admission to adult life is delayed, " explains DAK graduate psychologist Frank Meiners. "At the same time, they have to find their own way around in a foreign environment, and the increasing pressure and the unresolved situation increase the risk of psychological problems."

All students on the couch?

"In most cases, anxiety is a normal reaction, " says DAK graduate psychologist Frank Meiners. "Stage fright is often a factor in exams or new situations, but those who are particularly sensitive to the situation, suffer from respiratory distress, dizziness or permanent insomnia, should consult a psychological counseling center at the university."

4 tips for a more relaxed study

  1. Out of the hamster wheel: "Do not just keep working - even if the workload seems so big, " warns DAK graduate psychologist Frank Meiners. "Watch for your body's signals Take a break from time to time and analyze your stress traps Have I prepared for the exam in time Is the balance of tension and relaxation right? Is my time management effective, the less you feel helpless in the circumstances delivered. "
  2. Favorite band instead of performance pressure: "Provide variety and a positive mood for learning, " advises the expert. More helpful than thinking about the next test with the proverbial "P" in your eyes is to consciously relax in between and concentrate on beautiful experiences - such as the favorite band concert at the weekend or the end-of-the-evening appointment with the best Girlfriend. This will alleviate the situation and balance the stress.
  3. Food for the brain: Brainfood - the term is now on everyone's lips. For example, blueberries should stimulate the transfer of information between the neurons and fatty acids from herring, salmon and tuna promote the formation of important messenger substances in the brain. The fact is, fruit and fresh vegetables are better in stress situations than high-fat meals, because they contain important vitamins and minerals. Very important: drink enough - preferably water, fruit spritzers or herbal tea. Two liters a day keep the Oberstübchen in the river.
  4. Awaken the Yogi Master in you: Those who are under pressure often unconsciously hold their breath. A simple yoga exercise provides inner peace and calms the breath: sit cross-legged on the floor, straight back upright, the chin slightly to the chest and pull the shoulders apart. The forearms are loosely on the thighs, the palms face up. To breathe! Fold thumb, middle and ring fingertips under very slight pressure. The small and the index finger remain stretched.

Goodbye bastard! - Tips for motivation

If you sit a lot - at the university and in front of the PC, you need physical balance. Regular endurance training helps with stress reduction. But what to do if the evening jogging session always ends on the sofa, despite all good intentions? - Do not worry, anyone can overcome the inner bastard! Together with the University of Hamburg, DAK has tested a new motivational technique. More than 300 people have participated and successfully implemented their goal to move more and eat healthier lives. In autumn, the DAK will launch a nationwide course program. The most important principles can be found here:

  • Defining goals: Find out what really matters to you: Do you want to impress the girls in the seminar with a tight biceps or risk a bright red head in university sports? Do not start training until you know exactly what's behind you personally. Part of that is to imagine the destination in the most beautiful colors.
  • Overcoming obstacles: Positive thinking alone is not enough. Clean up possible stumbling blocks at an early stage: After a day of lectures, is chocolate in front of the television more attractive than a vegetable dish? Cooking alone is boring? Make an appointment to cook with your WG members in the morning. With such a very personal strategy you can easily avoid small obstacles.
  • Stick to it: When the next exam is due and time is running out, the good intentions often flute. Do not throw the newly won routine over the head, but plan in advance: arrange with fellow students for a run that's loose from your desk. Do a few gym exercises instead of visiting the gym at home. The main thing is to stick to your good intentions.
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