Study shows that people are increasing the most between New Year and Christmas

Pinching jeans and too tight shirts collars must not be an inevitable result of the all too seductive Advent season. A study shows that the weight gain between Christmas and New Year is only 370 grams. People are increasing between New Year and Christmas, not Christmas to New Year.

How to get through the holidays without extra pounds

In January, many friends of feasting gnaw on grudgingly complicated diet plans, and health clubs are celebrating boom. This is completely unnecessary, because Christmas can be an absolutely reueloser pleasure for body and soul. No one needs to miss out on treats during the Christmas season to slip into the next year. The Society for Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics has therefore put together ten rules for the enjoyable Christmas without a rude awakening on the scales:

  • It does not always have to be cake and cookies! Baked apples with raisins, cinnamon and a little clove do not put a heavy strain on the calorie account and are a healthy and delicious alternative. Plus: Cinnamon boosts your metabolism and lowers blood sugar!
  • Extensive walks in the fresh winter air are good and are a true calorie killer. Then the treats taste twice as good!
  • Marzipan and the like are sins that like to settle on the hips in the long run. Various teas, such as cinnamon tea, are an ideal and delicious substitute and satisfy the cravings for sweets. Some sweetener and low-fat condensed milk make the tea sweet and creamy.
  • An oven-cooked whole fish filled with many fresh herbs, such as trout, salmon or zander, is a luxurious treat for the palate on Christmas Eve and also protects the heart - for many more wonderful Christmas parties.
  • The vegetables can pile on the plate with a clear conscience: It is an ideal satiety and contains vital nutrients and ingredients that keep you fit. But beware of greasy cream sauces!
  • Anise biscuits, Baseler treats, Springerle, pepper nuts and meringue biscuits are a slender crunchy treat because they have far fewer calories than biscuits and co.
  • A day in the sauna or in the thermal bath during the days off relaxes body and soul, offers time for reflection and is completely free of calories.

More tips on a low-calorie diet:

  • A glass of mineral water between champagne and wine saves a lot of calories and embarrassing comments the day after.
  • Mousse au Chocolat is a true fat bomb. A healthy alternative is a sorbet of fresh fruits or low-fat cheeses such as Harzer, Korbkäse or Limburger with grapes.
  • Sauces of steamed and pureed vegetables, which are finely seasoned with spices and a little sour cream, are delicious with fried food!

Study: Yanovski JA et al .: A Prospective Study of Holiday Weight Gain. N Engl J Med 2000; 342: 861-867

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