Stomatitis - treatment and prevention

For the treatment of stomatitis, various remedies from the pharmacy offer. However, it should also be aware of some things like hot food or nicotine. So that it does not even come to an inflamed oral mucosa, is recommended as the first measure the thorough and regular care of the teeth and the oral cavity. How else can you prevent stomatitis? Read here.

Treatment of stomatitis

Too hot, sharp, hard or edgy food should be avoided, abstaining from alcohol and nicotine.

In the pharmacy, there are numerous preparations with chemical or herbal active ingredients that can be used to treat stomatitis. Suitable as gargle solution are, for example, diluted marigold essence, sage or chamomile tea. For rubbing into the gums you get for example gum balsam.

For more tips on therapy, see Aphthas. For complaints that do not improve despite treatment after two weeks, the doctor should be consulted, as well as with recurring inflammation.

Prevention of stomatitis

The most important measure is the prevention, so that stomatitis does not even arise.

The focus is on proper oral hygiene, ie all measures that keep teeth, gums, tongue and oral mucosa healthy:

  • Regular brushing and cleaning the interdental spaces
  • the regular checks by the dentist
  • Transitions and niches between natural and artificial teeth need to be particularly well cared for, as food particles and dental plaque can accumulate particularly well there

Risk factors, especially high-percentage alcohol consumption and smoking should be avoided.

Avoid stomatitis in dentures

For older people: The dentures must be cleaned regularly twice a day. Removable dentures should preferably be cleaned after every meal under running water with a soft toothbrush. In addition, it is recommended to bathe it once a day in denture cleanser. Thus, the germ colonization can be eliminated completely.

Also, the visit to the dentist remains important: Every six months, the correct fit of the dentures should be checked and corrected if necessary. For existing pressure points, the dentist should be consulted immediately.

Further recommendations and instructions for proper care and cleaning of the teeth and dentures are given by the dentist.

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