Metabolism cure: instructions and diet plan

The metabolic treatment is a diet that will allow you to lose up to 12 kilos within 21 days. The plan sounds simple: During the diet phase only 500 kilocalories a day are allowed. In addition, the pregnancy hormone HCG is taken in the form of globules or drops to stimulate the lipid metabolism. In addition, there are the so-called vital substances, dietary supplements, to provide the body with everything necessary. So weight loss should be possible without sports. We introduce the phases of the diet and give a short guide to losing weight with the 21-day metabolic treatment.

Diet plan in the metabolic cure

The metabolic treatment does not follow a consistent plan: Different books and providers have developed numerous different diet plans. A common criterion is the division into several phases. Usually, the metabolic treatment begins with two days of high-calorie diet. Then comes the 21-day diet phase without fats, sugar and alcohol, followed by a stabilization phase in which the calories are slowly increased again. Finally, the diet is normalized and tested to see if the weight remains stable.

Usually, three to five meals a day are recommended. You should drink a lot, it is recommended daily two to four liters of liquid.

1st phase: loading days (Schlemmertage)

The metabolic treatment starts with two days, on which particularly fatty and carbohydrate-rich nutrition is on the plan. From pizza to cream cake everything is allowed in this phase. This feasting is intended to stimulate the metabolism, so that the combustion process in the next few weeks at full speed. In the loading phase, globules and nutrients are taken several times a day - it is often recommended to take the vital substances already ten days before.

Regarding the dosage of HCG globules, there are different opinions. As a rule, 6 to 30 globules or drops, which are to be taken throughout the day, are recommended. The globules should be melted under the tongue and then do not eat or drink for 15 to 30 minutes and do not brush your teeth.

2nd phase: diet phase (weight loss phase)

In the minimum 21-day diet phase of the metabolic treatment only 500 kilocalories are allowed daily. Lists of permitted foods determine the diet of this spa phase. These include vegetables and high-protein foods, such as lean meats, fish and tofu - but the amount is crucial. Prohibited include:

  • sugar
  • alcohol
  • milk
  • Carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread or pasta
  • Fats like butter and oil, but also fatty creams
  • Certain fruits and vegetables (for example avocados, carrots, potatoes and pineapple)

This phase aims for a significant weight loss. The HCG globulis should open the fat deposits and provide the body with energy. The nutrients are used to prevent deficiency symptoms caused by inadequate food intake.

3rd phase: stabilization phase

The 21-day stabilization phase starts according to the concept of metabolic treatment when the ideal weight is reached. Now it's about keeping that weight. In the first two days you continue to eat the permitted foods from the diet phase. However, the HCG globules are now eliminated - the nutrients are still taken.

Then you can gradually add different foods and high-quality fats to your diet. Because the body should no longer cover its energy needs from the body's own fat reserves, but from the food. You should still refrain from sugar, alcohol and carbohydrates. At this stage, everyone is free to test how much they can eat without gaining weight.

4th phase: maintenance phase (test phase)

If the weight has stabilized in the previous phase, the metabolic treatment provides the last phase. In the three to six month maintenance phase, more and more foods are included in the diet and tested to see if the weight remains stable. However, the providers recommend eating calorie-conscious food and avoiding carbohydrates in the evening. This is to achieve a long-term change in diet. It is also usually recommended to continue taking the vital substances for at least four weeks.

Apple days for fast weight loss

If you find out in the morning during daily weighing that the weight has not decreased further over four or five days, or that during the stabilization phase more than one kilogram has been increased in one day, a so-called apple day is recommended. Such a day lasts from lunch until just before the next day's lunch. During this time, only green apples are eaten - about one kilogram of sour apples is recommended. In addition, only water, nutrients and globules are allowed.

Recipe idea: Courgette crème soup

There are many delicious recipes for the diet phase of the metabolic treatment. How about, for example, a recipe for a zucchini crème soup? Just roll a medium sized zucchini and a small onion per person. Braise the onion, then add the zucchini and roast. Then remove the vegetables with 200 milliliters of vegetable stock and simmer for about 20 minutes before removing from the heat.

Then add about 25 grams of reduced-fat cream cheese, puree the soup and season to taste. Sprinkled with a little cress, the soup is not only a great for the metabolic treatment, but also a great eye candy.

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