Stewardess disease - wrong creaming can hurt

Also with the skin care does not necessarily the principle "much helps much". On the contrary: Excessive use of various skin creams can lead to permanent damage in people with sensitive skin. The experts in the prevention campaign point out skin from statutory health and accident insurance.

Too much cream can hurt

In particular, if not the skin type suitable face cream is used, often with preservatives and fragrances offset care can lead to persistent pustules and redness especially around the mouth, but also in the entire face area.

Immediately around the lips is usually a narrow margin. The skin is slightly swollen and red, and it burns.

Patients: women in representative occupations

Dermatologists refer to the condition as "perioral dermatitis". However, it is popularly known as "stewardess disease" because it primarily affects young women in representative professions. The patients are between 20 and 50 years old and have a well-groomed appearance.

This applies to flight attendants, but also to sales assistants, fair hostesses or service personnel. The disease is by no means exclusively linked to a profession. Anyone who in his spare time attaches great importance to regularly treating his skin with various creams and cosmetics is also frequently affected.

Causes of stewardess disease

"The perioral dermatitis probably has its cause in that the normal microflora of the skin - one could speak of 'pet bacteria' - is disturbed and there can multiply morbid microorganisms, " said the Osnabrück dermatologists Prof. Nana Schürer and Prof. Swen Malte John,

The wrong skincare causes an imbalance between the metabolism of the skin and that of the "pet bacteria". The skin is often already resilient again, if this balance is restored.

Tips for treatment

The recommendation of the skin experts is therefore: Good advice on skin care is important! In addition, attention should be paid to the pH of the products: The surface of the skin has a pH of about 5 (slightly acidic), accordingly, the care product should be selected.

Especially important: Even at the first sign of a skin reaction, the respective creams should be discontinued and replaced by pH-optimized creams that contain as possible no irritating substances.

If the skin disease has progressed further, certain antimicrobial skin creams (for example the active substances erythromycin or metronidazole) are suitable for the therapy. However, "cortisone" is not suitable for treatment, says John. Hereby, the disease is only pushed back for a short time in order to make it worse after all, because the active ingredient can not restore the disturbed balance of facial skin.

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