Sprays and aerosols

When the throat is scratching and your nose is running, sprays and aerosols are often used. Sprays work fast and precisely. They allow a very fine distribution of a drug. In addition to sprays with propellant there are pump sprays that release the drug through a pumping mechanism.

Advantages of sprays and aerosols

Although there are rinse or gargle solutions with anti-inflammatory agents for sore throat and pharyngitis. But for those to be effective, the solution must have long-term contact with the mucous membrane: the patient has to gargle long enough.

For many patients it is very uncomfortable to gargle for up to half a minute. Some people even fear that they swallow the often spicy-tasting solution.

In this case, sprays and aerosols are used. Depending on whether the sprays are used as nasal or throat spray or as asthma aerosol, the different applications must be considered.

nasal spray

For nasal sprays, keep the head straight and the spray bottle vertical. So the spray adheres optimally to the nasal mucosa and the drug can be properly absorbed.

throat spray

In throat sprays, the fine spray should not be inhaled, because then he can not stick to the almond in the mucous membrane. For this, the opening of the spray bottle should point to the suppository or slightly above it. Inhalation is prevented by saying "aaa" loudly while spraying deep into the mouth.

Although the sprayed-on solution may initially leave a bad taste, you should never rinse immediately with a glass of water. This only achieves that the active ingredient is removed again and healing does not occur.

Metered aerosols

Metered aerosols are small, high-pressure gas containers and are indispensable for the effective treatment of asthma. With each spray, a certain amount of drug is delivered by means of a propellant gas. In this way, a precisely dosed amount of active ingredient is released as a fine mist and absorbed by simultaneous inhalation.

Observe the following tips for using dosing aerosols:

  1. Shake the spray vigorously before use
  2. Hold the box upside down and remove the protective cap
  3. The mouthpiece with the lips tightly enclose
  4. exhale deeply
  5. Take a deep breath while releasing the spray
  6. Hold the air for five to ten seconds
  7. then exhale slowly through the nose

If cortisone-containing aerosols are to be inhaled or children need to use the spray, so-called spacers in various designs and sizes can be helpful. Spacers are large volume spacers that facilitate the inhalation of the spray. The sprayed into the spacer aerosol is inhaled in several breaths, the exhaled air is discharged through a special valve.

Cleaning the spacers

Because plastic charges electrically over time, spacers must be cleaned regularly, even if they do not look dirty. If the spacer is electrostatically charged, the aerosol will stick to the wall of the spacer instead of entering the lungs. It is enough to unscrew the spacer and clean it with detergent. If it is rinsed with clear water, the spacer must then dry in the air.

When drying with a towel, the plastic surface of the spacer would recharge electrically due to the friction.

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